Is Your Life Half Empty or Half Full?

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No, I'm not talking about our bags. I'm talking about how we see our lives and our futures. Our sense of purpose and contentment. And our sense of accomplishments we've all made over the years.

Do you see yourself, your life, or your future as half empty or half full?

Why do you see things the way you see them? What makes you smile? What makes you cry? And by now you're probably wondering...why ask why?

I ask these questions because for me, last year felt like one long Hazy Shade Of Winter. Some of my friends tell me to Don't Worry, Be Happy! Some say that it's just The Way It Is and that some things will never change. Some say it's just Another Day In Paradise. And my more optimistic friends tell me that Things Can Only Get Better.

But I often wonder, am I the only Owner Of A Lonely Heart? Am I the King Of Pain who's just searching in vain? Because I worry that things may get worse before they get better.

But As The World Turns, we have only One Life To Live so I try to keep this in mind and remember to forgive all the ones who once did me wrong.

I should probably take it easy and watch some George and Weezy because they always know how to make me laugh. Or I could just dance All Night Long in my Blue Suede Shoes or jump in my car and bump some Moody Blues.

But what I really want to know is why Facebook is now Meta? And whatever happened to that girl named Greta? By the way, can you guess my favorite cheese? That's right, it's FETA!

Apple pies with salty fries, guilty foods I can't deny. And don't forget those tater tots, so promise me you'll Forget Me Nots!

But by now I hope you can see my humor. So please calm down and don't spread any rumors!

It's just my way to say hey, Aloha!

Take care everyone. Hope 2022 will be a better year for us all.


Glass is near the top full. Life's way too short to mope around finding the negative in everything or worry what others think.

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Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised, so we just need to be the best today that we can. At my age, I think my cup may be two-thirds full. So I don't really care what others think of me. You can take me or leave me. I just try to be loving and forgiving. There is a saying, "Lord, help me to change the things that I can and to accept the things I cannot, and give me the wisdom to know the difference."


Hello RedZenDjinn.

Thank you for your poetic post

but what I liked about it most

was that it motivated me

to write my own for you to see. 

Best wishes



When someone asks about my cup,
and how I might have filled it up,
or whether it is half or full,
I hope my answer’s meaningful.

For I don’t think of things this way
so, very often what I say
is not what people want to hear,
even when my meaning’s clear.

Half or full – it matters not,
what matters most is what you’ve got
inside the cup of life that we
carry with us constantly.

If my cup was half-filled with hate
or a bad wish to dominate,
then I would not want it at all,
no matter whether large or small.

I’ve seen cups that have been fully
filled with concepts of the bully,
and I’ve concluded that I would
prefer my cup filled up with good.

So, if this metaphor’s applied,
I must say that I have tried
to fill my cup with kindness and
extend it with a helping hand.

And with this metaphor in mind,
I’d also say that being kind
is more like a stream or flowing tap
than a cup, which is a trap.

But either way, if kindness flows,
then friendships and contentment grows,
and life is filled right to the brim
until we meet the reaper-grim.

                                         B. Withers 2022

PS: When once a concept comes to mind,

    as a poet I'm inclined

    to milk the thing for all it is worth

    for sometimes I find there' a dearth. 



I’d like to write about a theme
where kindness flows just like a stream,
a rippling water that seems free,
skipping along so merrily.

A stream seems gentle in its way,
soothing mental thoughts that may
otherwise be racing through,
more like the raging rapids do.

A stream seems honest, true and kind,
as upon its way would wind
from high hills and down the slopes,
streams it seems will carry hopes.

Hopes that whet our appetite
for those kind things we think are right,
and these are the ingredients
that make up these stream’s nutrients.

And on the edge of streams are found
kind nutrients they spread around,
without a thought for their own gain
and without inflicting pain.

Within this theme it really shows
that stream’s are never ending flows
of what the world will thrive upon
and like kindness is sine qua non. (necessary)

Beside those streams will come some dreams
about the things within kind memes,
that humans tell in their stories,
which form part of their histories.

I use this streaming metaphor
to bring kindness right to the fore,
and hope that human-beings will
develop kindness as a skill.

                                     Be Withers 2022

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Aloha RedZenDjinn!

I always try to remember the glass is refillable! I do actively practice daily gratitude. I do actively practice 'cancel clear' any negative thoughts.

I try not to ask the 'why me', 'why now', 'why this' questions. I try to catch my loneliness, sadness, etc. early and reach out to a friend or have happy music on hand to blast.

I have joined many groups online (not just ostomy related) to build new friendships/support.

It really is one day at a time to keep my head above water... but I am doing it... and when I do have a 'bad' day... I just repeat 'This too shall pass' 'Everything is unfolding in Divine Timing' ...

I find helping others gives me joy.


Stories of Living Life to the Fullest from Ostomy Advocates I Hollister
ron in mich

Hi Red, I always use a glass and not a cup and always fill it to the top as I need to hydrate so as to not become prostrate.

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Reply to AlexT

Well said and so true, Alex.

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Worrying how other people view us never does anyone any good. Forgiveness can sometimes be hard but always better to do whenever possible. Accepting things as they are and making the best with what we've got is what I always try to do, especially now more than ever with all the chaos and insanity going on around the world. Love your attitude, Lovely. Thank you. :)

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The glass is always this one! And, "this too shall pass" is also very true! If we run into bad days, we gotta remember that it's just temporary. Ty Karen.

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Hey Bill, you're quite the poet! Love your metaphor for kindness poem, especially the end: "But either way, if kindness flows, then friendships and contentment grows, and life is filled right to the brim until we meet the reaper-grim."

How long have you been composing poetry? Do you share your creations on other social media channels?

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Aloha RedZenDjinn!

I also practice Ho'oponopono. Which I am sure you are aware of because it is Hawaiian.

And lots of humor and laughter. I love watching stand-up comics...only on TV, haven't ventured out to a public club yet.


I try to remember what my boss told me decades ago. He said to accept problems as "opportunities".  If something is broken we have the opportunity to fix it.  I was broken and couldn't fix myself but had the opportunity to find the right people to do the right things to make me better.  

The volume of my containers doesn't have much meaning; it's the quality of the ingredients.  I'll cherish the good and attempt to improve the bad.



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Reconciliation and forgiveness is easier said than done because the ability to free ourselves from anger, hate, frustration, sadness, jealousy, etc., are emotions that are all too easy to fall into and sometimes if we're not careful, we can stay submerged in them for a lot longer than we know we should. Doing the things that bring us joy and laughter, whatever they may be, as much as possible is undoubtedly the best defense. I've recently decided to get more serious about meditation although I'm not very good at it because my environment is filled with too many distractions. But despite this, I do still manage to find slices of "me time" here and there. But I know that I still lack balance in my life. Something in which I intend on correcting this new year.

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Hi RedZenDjinn,

It really is a very personal journey. Do whatever works! I used to do transcendental meditation daily (I received my mantra when I was living in RI). I think I need to take it up again. :)

I'm trying lots of things...whatever calls me...currently working with an energy healer (although I'm not sure if that is what he calls himself) and being part of that whole group is very healing.

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Reply to iMacG5

If we can see our problems as opportunities/challenges and recognize inner quality over exterior containers, it's practically inevitable not to evolve into a better, positive, and wiser person. Thank you for sharing, Mike. I like your attitude.

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Trying new things, seeing what works for you and discarding the rest is the way to go, I think. I agree 100% in that, being a part of a collective, whether it be here at MeetAnOstomate, other online groups, or IRL, the energy and support you give and receive is so valuable and is something that is truly priceless.

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Hello RedZenDjinn.
Thank you for your appreciation of the rhymes and your interest in when I began composing poetry.
I believe my first attempt at rhyme was in the 1950's when I wrote about 'those who grow the Christmas trees' as some song lyrics. However, poetry was not the acceptable thing to do in my circles, in those days, and I had many more important things to occupy my time. It was not until the 1980's that I began writing rhyme, specifically for and on behalf of people with seemingly irresolvable problems. the more I wrote an gave back to them, I realised that it was a huge psychological uplift for them to realise that someone had not only listened empathetically to their torrid/horrid stories, but had taken the trouble to document them in verse. I called this approach 'Inverse feedback'. Eventually, I decided that the best way the 'store' all the rhymes was in a book. So that started me on the publishing route.
More recently, when I was experiencing seemingly irresolvable problems of my own, I found that writing similar rhymes about the issues was a bit like talking ‘constructively’ to myself, and helped me cope and manage the psychological and emotional aspects.
As for social media, it has never really held any interest for me - this is the only outlet I am a regular contributor to and this is because the principles of 'inverse-feedback' still apply here. Also, it's good to converse with people who have been through similar problematic experiences.
I hope that answers your questions adequately.
Best wishes


Right from the start of my own time
I found that I would write in rhyme.
It stems from way-back when and where
I’d sit and read my Rupert Bear.

Was this a curse when as a child
his lilting verses drove me wild
for I would hate the wait to see
what his next line of rhyme would be?

I lapped up Rupert and Pong Ping,
for all they did and what they’d bring.
I’d follow every story line
and wallow as the rhymes entwine.

When I would deliberate
then rhythm could intoxicate.
I just don’t know why kids today
must get their highs another way.

Rupert’s stories were exciting,
witty, gritty and inviting.
What more could a child desire
than Rupert and a nice warm fire.

Come Christmas I’d anticipate
that I’d no longer need to wait.
Likened to a nagging spaniel
I was wagging for the annual.

I had a thirst and yes, a need
to be the first to get a read.
Rupert’s my introduction to
this production of verse for you.

The urge in me could not be worse
to purge myself of all this verse.
But ‘till I’m old and then I die
I will still try to versify.

                                    B. Withers 2013

(in Unfashionable Rhyming Verse)

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Reply to Bill

Hi Bill,

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I definitely agree that writing is very therapeutic. It really is like another art form because unlike composing some news editorial or business letter, poetry usually comes out of a blend of emotional, personal, spiritual, and empirical experiences that flow from heart and soul to pen and paper...or in our case, to keyboard and website. LOL

I think it's wise that you've decided to not immerse yourself in social media. The kinds of poetry you share here likely wouldn't be as appreciated or understood...and that's assuming people would even take the time to read anything from start to finish with so many short attention spans out there.

Your writings, from my POV, seem to be almost effortless.

Do you have a specific process or method when you sit down and write?

Do you have to be in a certain setting, doing it at a particular time of day, or do you just write on the fly whenever an inspiration hits you?

Do you write with background music or do you need complete silence when you write?

Sorry if I'm asking too many questions.



Hello RedZenDjinn.

Thank you for your interest in my work and you do not need to be ‘sorry’ about asking questions.
Those questions that you ask about method, setting etc, are all questions, alongside many others, I have asked myself over the years, and are indeed questions I keep coming back to.
In 2020 I published a book of ‘Rhymes on Rhymes’ (202 pages) in which I tried to address some of the many questions surrounding this activity of writing rhyme. However, I will try to answer the specific questions you have posed in the order that they come in and the first one might be more comprehensively explained by reproducing a few verses from a ‘spoof’ PhD thesis ‘A Thesis on Constructive Conversations Inversed’ (2012) (368 pages).
The process or method would depend upon the type of rhyme: many of my rhymes have been a simple ‘translation’ of other people’s stories of irresolvable or difficult problems in their lives. Hence, the ‘method’ starts with empathetic listening:


Most of my work has now been done.
And outlined in this book for fun.
But now I think it’s overdue.
To put my mind to something new.

Perhaps I should explain myself.
And why this book’s now on the shelf.
In part a spoof on Ph D’s.
This thesis wasn’t meant to please.

Partly it was meant to show.
That there’s a different way to go.
There’s good research that can be done.
By practically anyone.

You do not need a PhD.
For working scientifically.
For a scientific system.
You need insight and some wisdom.

Then if you are systematic.
Research can be automatic.
Avoiding that toxaemia.
That comes from academia.

If you look close I think you’ll find.
That they have their own axe to grind.
And they will do their very best.
To reject all they don’t test.

It’s all about control and power.
And the ways that they devour.
Every single good idea.
That may happen to come near.

All ideas they want to own.
So they can put them out on loan.
It’s like they have an ideas bank.
That they want us all to thank.

If you’ve an idea to invest.
Beware of their self- interest.

                               B. Withers 2012  5


Those who know me might have guessed.
The hypothesis I wished to test.
Is simple in its basic form.
But does not fit to any norm.

I had this simple supposition.
Which soon became a proposition.
That conversations made with me.
Could be transcribed to poetry.

The conversations came from those.
Which I had written down in prose.
I made sure they were all booked.
So they would not be overlooked.

So in effect these books combine.
To complete this work of mine.
The prose are used as reference.
The rhymes are done in deference.

Whilst it’s idiosyncratic.
It’s also very systematic.
The method used also confirms.
It’s done in scientific terms.

But like all science there’s an art.
In searching whilst you take apart.
Listening to your communicant.
And finding what’s significant.

As these verses each were done.
They were fed-back one by one.
So people giving information.
Had the chance for confirmation.

This was all methodical.
Repeatable and logical.
And I was very deeply moved.
As my hypothesis was proved.

                                B. Withers 2012   6


In this thesis you will see.
The basis for this poetry.
But if you want a closer look.
The data’s in another book.

All of the verses written hear.
Were done in just one single year.
But I would like for you to know.
The work behind them wasn’t so.

Once and sometimes twice a week.
I’d listen to the people speak.
And it’s taken many years.
To document these people’s fears.

It started with a simple notion.
They had problems with emotion.
So I had to find a way.
To let these people have their say.

All the listening that was done.
Could not be done by anyone.
A method was devised by me.
Resulting from my PhD.

This took a subject of their choice.
And gave to it a different voice.
Basically it was about.
Educing their emotions out.

It drew out each emotional gem.
And showed its relevance to them.
Thus coming from emotional mire.
Conversational rapid fire.

Each and every thought they had.
Showed their lives were bad and sad.
Their thoughts were written down by me.
And published for eternity.

And now I thought I’d spend some time.
Translating all those thoughts to rhyme.

                                           B. Withers 2012   7


The data for this PhD
And therefore for my poetry.
Collected over many years.
Documented thoughts and fears.

In the method that I did.
I used a form of Kelly’s Grid.
Where every listed element.
Was absolutely relevant.

All the elements were questions.
Constructs came from their suggestions.
They did not have to search to find.
Constructs simply sprang to mind.

Subjects for each conversation.
Often born from sheer frustration.
And so the constructs freely flow.
Telling us just what they know.

Though this method was terrific.
It was also scientific.
Repeatability was clear.
So number-crunchers need not fear.

Contributions were undeterred.
Because I hardly said a word.
Standard questions did the trick
To help their answers come real quick.

Because their answers were instinctive.
They were also quite distinctive.
It’s then that I could document.
All their grief and malcontent.

These responses formed the data.
That I found was useful later.
When at last I found the time.
To sit down here and make it rhyme.

                                         B. Withers 2012  8


‘Constructive Conversations’ that’s ‘CC’.
Was developed for a PhD.
To mark this time in history.
It finished in 1993.

CCs simply provide a way.
For folks to talk and have their say.
CCs educe, so people may. (educe = to draw-out)
Conduct the flow in their own way.

When your whole life is in a mess.
So many things can cause distress.
When life’s events have been unkind.
Negative thoughts will fill your mind.

When mind is blinded by commotion.
The dominant force is pure emotion.
If you cannot control that force.
It can knock you way off course.

CCs can calm chaotic din.
And help to reign emotions in.
An emotional pedagogic.
Translates emotion into logic.

Impulsive thoughts which spring to mind.
Can be caught and realigned.
Placing emotions in logic’s form.
Is not unlike the old brainstorm.

CC’s questions are subtly framed.
So as it flows emotions’ tamed.
And as CCs come near the end.
That’s when we start to comprehend.

CC’s explore emotional ground.
Where answers of our own are found.
Gradually we overcome.
Then we know what must be done.

                                     B. Withers 2012      9


‘Constructive conversations’ say.
So much more than others say.
A special method to converse.
That I will now portray in verse.

‘Constructive’ means it builds upon.
Foundations that are sound and strong.
Asking questions to produce.
Conversations of some use.

Comprehensive and extensive.
They’re emotionally intensive.
With an underlying notion.
To tame your sore and raw emotion.

When pressure makes you want to burst.
Emotions can be at their worst.
It’s then constructive talking can.
Help you think and help you plan.

All those things that make you frown.
And everything that drags you down.
All those things that bother you.
Can be resolved by talking through.

I don’t mean just with idle chat.
You won’t get far with talk like that.
To deal with things effectively.
You need to talk ‘constructively’.

Educe everything that’s negative.
Then counter with the positive.
Surprises have a job to hide.
When you examine every side.

Ask each question one by one.
Use your own answers as they come.
Let your imagination flow.
Then watch your conversation grow.

Write one thought down and then the next.
I find it helps to keep the text.
As I refer to what I’ve said.
More thoughts will spring into my head.

‘Constructive’ conversing clarifies.
All my questions and replies.
And as my conversations end.
Clarity begins my friend.

                               B. Withers 2011 10


Defining a specific setting is a bit more complex than might first appear. Firstly, (for me) one of the hardest parts of the process is finding the concepts to work on, so these are things that can come from anywhere, at anytime and in many forms.
Once a concept is in my head, it needs working on immediately, while the mental energy, enthusiasm and motivation is high. This may mean jotting down the rhymes (on my phone) wherever I am and whatever I may have otherwise been doing. I can then copy them onto the computer later.
Sometimes I sit at the computer and ‘create’ concepts on a theme ( like ‘bullying ‘or ‘kindness’ ) which gives me a focus, a reference point and an aim for a collection of rhymes culminating eventually in a book.


As mentioned above, rhymes are often written in a variety of different places and settings, all with different background noises.
Music is a background noise, which may or may not be ‘distracting’.
Mostly, I would prefer either silence or the sounds of nature, such as birds singing or rain hitting the windows. However, I find that there is no such thing as complete silence for, as soon as surrounding sound is no longer present, I begin to hear my own body making noises ( breathing, heartbeat, bones creaking etc.) I am never sure which I prefer , but I simply try not to let any of the extraneous sounds interfere with the process of thinking or writing.
And, finally, I will choose just one more rhyme (from a whole load in ‘Rhymes on Rhymes’), which tries to encapsulate why I write in this way .

Sorry if all this rhyming is too much, but it is hard to reduce the thousands of concepts, written over many years, into a single summary. Hence, I hope you enjoy the few that I am sharing here.
Best wishes


For those of you without a clue
about ‘CALM’, and what they do.
I will explain as best I can
whilst I remain nonpartisan.

‘CALM’ is a simple acronym
so similar to my poems
in its basic sentiment
that I agree with what is meant.

Campaign Against Living Miserably
for me, becomes ostensibly
the same as what I try to do
from a poet’s point of view.

Within the principles of ‘CALM’
my writing rhyme will do no harm,
for what it does is highlight those
who are the cause of other’s woes.

I cannot see a reason why,
that as a poet I can’t try
to make things better through my rhyme
and heal the wounds made over time.

I cannot for the life of me
see people living miserably
and not attempt to help them out
by finding out what it’s about.

Counselling is well and good,
but I feel every person should
contribute in the ways that they
communicate and have their say.

So, as a poet, I will write
my rhyming verse to put things right,
or at least try to document
some of their angst and discontent.

                                            B. Withers 2020

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Hi Bill,

Thank you again for taking the time to not only reply, but do so in great detail!

Clearly, there is passion behind your writings. I enjoyed the gentle jab you wrote with regards to academia.

Makes sense with regards to your settings, background, and writing style. I noticed that much of your creations are dated quite a while ago. It's rather ironic that many of the things you've written 10+ years ago are still very relevant today. And I suspect will continue to be relevant in the next 10. That's assuming we're all still here and don't end up nuking each other to kingdom come!

I know this is a digression but, I'm curious as to your thoughts on all the tribalism, political divides, echo chambers, cancel culture, misinformation, disinformation, and otherwise lack of nuanced debates and conversations among journalists, politicians, big tech, and social media?

Even pre-COVID, it seems that so many of us have become increasingly more confrontational, combative, and married to our ideas to the extent where there isn't any room for anyone to discuss their ideas and opinions without the need to self-filter and self-censor.

Where do you see our society in the 5 years or so? Any predictions on whether things will get worse before they get better, or maybe it won't get better? I sometimes get concerned about this because I can easily see ourselves turning into another authoritarian government like China, Russia, or North Korea. None of my friends care about these kinds of things and believe I am making mountains out of molehills.

And sometimes I wonder, maybe I am?

Maybe I'm just suffering from analysis paralysis?

One friend asked me, why do I even care? And says that if the sh*t hits the fan, we'll all probably be long dead. But I argued that, the sh*t already hit the fan and there's still heaps of it that needs to be cleaned off!

Another friend told me: Listen, it is what it is and there's nothing we can do about it. So why waste your time on stuff we have no control over?

I don't think this is a good way to think. I mean, we wouldn't be where we are today if we never took the time to fight for the things we believed in. And if we all left our fates to whatever direction the wind wants to take us, who knows where we'd have ended up? Maybe on some remote unmapped landmass in the middle of nowhere? Maybe on Gilligan's Island!!! lol

Reply to Anonymous

Hello RedZenDjinn.
Thank you for your reply and sharing your thoughts on interactions within the wider society.
This is, of course, a subject that would take a lifetime to analyse and document, and by then things would probably have changed sufficiently for it to be all contemplated anew.
My own take on human interaction is based upon a somewhat biased view of history and how humans have interacted with other humans (and everything else).

I perceive the situation as one where many of the human species seem to have become technically and monetarily advanced, yet morally handicapped.
History has shown us that humans like to kill. They make all sorts of justifications for this activity, but the more naive/honest ones simply kill for ‘fun’ – which they call ‘sport’. As the species have evolved into societies where some of the killing has been deemed illegal, they have developed new ‘sports’ to simulate similar moral attitudes of self-centeredness and greed for all sorts of personal gains.
Even those who profess to be ‘good’ and ‘kind’ (like Christians), historically have not been able to agree on even the most trivial of things, and so they have split into many factions, each clinging to their own somewhat irrelevant dogmas.
If these people cannot get along, then there is predictably little hope for others (Like politicians, journalists and anyone who seeks to take power or make money without wanting to share it with anyone else).

Your comments about humans nuking each other to kingdom come might also now be coupled with a different form of destroying the earth’s environment by way of pollution, and this seems to be an increasingly likely outcome for us all.

However, if some do survive, Then I suspect that their natural, basic instincts, will still not have been controlled sufficiently for them to get along in a ‘civilised’ manner.
You mention the authoritarian states, as if they are somehow ‘wrong’ instead of marginally ‘different’. My own impression is that what we have come to call ‘democracy’ is a largely a very fragile front for ‘conning’ the bulk of people into keeping in line, without the need for military force. However, there is little doubt in my own mind that if ever the masses begin to want to have some of that power, influence and wealth for themselves, then the full forces of military might will brought to bear against them – just like it is at present in other authoritarian countries.
My ongoing and comprehensive contemplation of such issues have been documented over the years in my (6) books on various forms of ‘bullying’. I believe that, unless ‘bullying’ in all its forms is strictly controlled and managed, then 'some' members of the human race are doomed to continue killing/destroying anything and everything in order to get their ‘own way’.

I have developed many models and propositions to analyse and explain my theories in this regard, but one that briefly characterises and summaries it in rhyming format I’ll share with you below:
Best wishes

My own way.

All things must be done 'my' way.
Everyone must do as I say.
If I do not win each battle
From my pram I'll throw my rattle.

What I believe, you must follow
Or you'll cause me too much sorrow.
For what I want, I know I need.
And all you others must pay heed.

I can't cope with other's failings
When it's clearly me that's ailing.
I cannot do with idle chatter
When it's only me that matters.

Sometimes I sit and wonder why
It's me that has to cry and cry.
And all because 'they' will not do
All the things I want them to.

I tell them time & time again
What it's like to feel this pain.
If only they would tow my line
Things would once again be fine.

                                           B. Withers 2004
(in: PD = Primitive Dysfunction & Maladjustment to Modernity 2007)

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Hey Bill,

You have an interesting perspective with regards to where we were, how we are today, and where we may end up in the future. Regrettably, it does seem that there is little hope to quell the innate thirst for greed and power. But I prefer and hope that future generations can find a way to exist in perhaps some newly conceived system devoid of monetary incentive. Yeah, I know, it sounds so utopian. But as unlikely as it may be, it's not impossible.

Indeed, the issue of pollution is a massive factor that will only get worse unless stronger enforcements and punishments are created to keep our industries and corporations in check. As far as I know, if and when companies get fined, it's mere chump change. A few million dollars in fines is practically pocket change when they're making billions more.

With regards to authoritarianism, I'm viewing this in the way of "the lesser of two evils". America isn't perfect. Far from it. I'm well aware of the atrocities our own government has made upon its citizens. And I'm also well aware that our "democracy" isn't the democracy that most people may have come to perceive it. But I would still rather live here than in China, North Korea, or Russia because we still have self agency. We don't have to publicly feign or exaggerate our grief for a deceased dictator. We are still able to publicly protest our grievances albeit not so safely or peacefully. And we still have laws to protect our most vulnerable and marginalized members of society. We have the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have discrimination laws. All of these luxuries we have come to enjoy and take for granted are things that simply do not exist in China, Russia, or North Korea. These are the things that I fear we could lose if we're not careful.

Thank you again for expressing your thoughts and opinions, Bill. I really do enjoy listening to varying perspectives. Especially on these kinds of subjects.


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Devoid of monetary incentive would cure a lot.

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Now, that was spoken well. Yes, we have to try to accept the unchangeable and do our best to know the differences. Take care.

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I love that prayer! It is so fitting for life. We need that wisdom more than we realize.

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