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Ostomy Memories of Meatloaf


THE TOPIC HERE IS ACTUAL MEATLOAF, not the recently deceased singer/actor, may he rest in peace.  My meatloaves have typically been blah creations, slapped together when nothing else is available.  But this week, I hit on an additional ingredient that made it really good:  hoisin sauce.  We have used this with stir-fry for years, but otherwise it just sat on a shelf in the fridge.  It is made from a combination of fermented soybean paste (yum!), garlic, vinegar, sesame oil, chiles, and sweetener.  Its origin is Cantonese and it is sometimes referred to as Chinese barbeque sauce.  It has a salty, sweet flavor.  After I mixed the egg, onion, milk, breadcrumbs, and salt/pepper into the ground beef, I added about two tablespoons of hoisin sauce, then shoved it into the oven at 350 degrees for one hour.  Very tasty, with or without ketchup.  As a final aside, with regard to the singer/actor called Meatloaf, I hear that, now that he's deceased, someone changed his name to Ground Beef.

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".........someone changed his name to Ground Beef."


I worked on the musical “Bat out of Hell” in Toronto. 
I was forced to watch it the first night, my question was “how long is this tour supposed to last?”

I was told that people weren't coming for the story, it was Meatloaf and Jim Steinman's fans that loved the music. The show closed that weekend and it never made it to touring, that was ok with me, I can't stand the music. I did have to find another job though.

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OMG I used to love Meatloaf...especially 'Paradise By The Dashboard Light'! 🎶🥰 

LOL Partying to him was some of the best highlights of my teen years! 😎

😬 🙄 LOL But good memories! 

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That seemed to be the song everyone loved, the scene was so cheesy though it pretty much ruined the song and turned into a comedy scene

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I'm sure it did! LOL 😂


Hi all we had meatloaf last nite for supper, my wife puts Franks hot sauce in the mix to give it more flavor.


Since I'm a devoted stir fryer, hoisin sauce is always present and accounted for in my pantry. On its own it tastes awful, but with the right ingredients it becomes perfect. I've never thought of adding it to my occasional meatloaf, but will next time.  Thanks for the cooking tip!  

As for the musician Meatloaf, sad to hear he has died. But have to admit I can't name or recall or hear in my head one of his tunes. I'll have to look on Spotify and see if anything jogs my memory. Hope he now rests in peace. 


So who''s been  a naughty girl then 🤗☘  I knew there was a wild child in therr somewhere  lol..  Kitty said she was quite conservative as a 20's-30s girl .  She wouldn't have gone for my Hippie , long hair , beard look  so I guess fate put us together in her more Liberal period ....hated Mr T   ,  POTUS    sick joke haha 😈 with a passion , like me .  

Eamon ☘☘


Yup...I was a party girl way way back in the day! 😎💃🍹 LOL

Drank lots of green beer in my day on today ☘️🍻💚 ...not any other day! 🤢 

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I still rock out and sing along to Paradise By The Dashboard Light whenever I hear it!


Hoisin in meatloaf sounds like a winner!

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🤘😎 Me too!

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Well, as a friend of mine likes to say, "Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!"

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So true! 😂


Thx Henry will give this a try as my meatloaf, on a scale of 1 to 10, is around a 6 at best…always looking for improvements.

In terms of the person Meatloaf or aka Ground Beef…may he rest in grease ah er ….. Peace…

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You and Henry are on a roll today!


Grinding your own meat would be good. A blend of meats would keep it from going dry and the Hoisin could be combined with Worcestershire. Wrapped in bacon and glace another good idea. I have a recipe for Kashmiri meatloaf but that might be a bit hot for you, as it contains all the spices of the Orient in it, and probably not good for ostomates who have to watch how much heat they can consume. Best wishes and Bon Appetit.

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