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Ostomy Memories of a Blood Draw


IN A LITTLE WHILE I'LL BE GOING in to have blood drawn for tests in anticipation of a doctor appointment next week.  Getting blood from my arm is almost akin to the proverbial getting blood from a stone.  I'm very difficult.  If I can get out of there with three or less pokes, I'll be lucky.  Invariably, they end up getting it from the top of one of my hands.  Once, several years ago, I submitted myself at a local clinic in Utah for a blood draw and two phlebotomists took turns trying to get blood from me and failed miserably.  “My cat can get blood out of my arm better than you guys,” I said in exasperation.  “And she doesn't do it on purpose.  You people are actually trying and can't do it.”  Needless to say, I do not look forward to this procedure, and I wonder why anyone would want to make their living poking people to draw their blood.  As part of their training, they probably have to read Bram Stoker's novel ‘Dracula' or at least watch a movie version.  He's been a character in almost 300 films, so he obviously is a popular fictional anti-hero.  Do these blood drawers watch Dracula movies during their leisure hours?  Do they have ancestors in Transylvania?   Do they avoid garlic, even with Italian food?  I will be thinking of these things while she is poking me later, to distract me from it all.  And why is it always females who fill these positions?  

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"Getting blood from my arm is almost akin to the proverbial getting blood from a stone."  I'm the same way Henry! I always come away with lots of bruises. 😳

"And why is it always females who fill these positions? " Because guys can't handle all the blood...they would pass out! 😬🙄😁

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Okay, I'm back from the blood place.  The first gal that took me in looked over both arms, both hands, gave up, and passed me on to someone more experienced.  She got me on the second poke in my hand. 

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Glad to hear Henry! 🥰


Hi Henry blood draws dont usually make me anxious its rookies trying to put in IV,s and they,re fishing around trying to catch the vein/artery.


Hi Henry

Next time you have to get your bloods done put some gloves on or take a heat pad or you could try running your hands under the hot water for five minutes. As a last resort if they are trained they can take it out of your foot, this is the best place because your veins are nice and juicy. XX


Thanks for the tips Caz!

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I've had them put those charcoal hand warmers on me. Took about 5 minutes and they got the vein in the first try. 👍

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More good tips! Thanks Alex!

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 You got it Sally!!  My husband had a lifelong fear of blood, I say "had" because he finally was able to overcome it five years ago when he had chemo for cancer and he was poked so many times and had IVs run so regularly that he finally learned to tolerate it.  Before that, he would pass out at the dentist if they gave him the needle for freezing, and chose instead to have fillings done with no freezing!  He passed out right in front of me back in our early days, when I had some blood coming from a small wound and the bandage had come loose.  That wasn't even his blood!


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LOL He had it bad!


Hi Henry,  I don't have any problem having a blood sample drawn, most of the time.  Drinking a boat load of water about an hour before you go will help as it makes your veins swell.  What I do have a problem with is running an IV line.  Once in the hospital, it took three nurses and one doctor to finally successfully get the IV into me.  My arm was black and blue.

It will be over soon Henry!


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