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Hey everybody...I am back! 🥳


Hey everyone. I was starting to become active on her back at the end of last year. I had some very severe complications from a variety of medical issues. Doing a little better now and wanted to get back on and continue chatting with all your nice folk. I have made a few friends and am always up for more. Feel free to send me a message. I will respond accordingly. Thanks you all! ❤️ Glad to be back ❤️🤘

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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Welcome back.


Welcome home! ❤️


Hi Tiffany 🙂 Did you have a minion as a picture before? LOL Welcome back. 🤗


Welcome back.


Welcome back to the site Tiffany!


I'm sorry to hear about the medical problems. I hope they're behind you now. Glad to see you back.


Glad you are better welcome back.

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