I Found Love After Leaving an Abusive Relationship!


Some of you know that in 2018 I left my abusive spouse after 15 long years trying to make things work. I moved into my own apartment, got a job, and worked very hard to become debt-free. During this time, I gave my then-spouse two years to get counseling and work on the issues. After realizing that he had done nothing, I divorced him in 2020. A year later, in April 2021, I moved out of the apartment, purchased my own home, and retired debt-free except for my home. I loved being on my own but I was lonely and desired companionship. I often thought that if I ever met another person, they would have to be open-minded enough to accept me for who I was and know that "Maxine" was also a part of me, and they would have to accept her too. I have never been one for online dating sites, but in late January 2022, I found a Billings Montana dating site. I made a profile and published it. I had my fair share of scammers, which I quickly deleted, and in early February matched up with a sweet gentleman who lived right in the city. We met face to face for the very first time at my church. I found out he had been there at least 4 different times and was planning on making it his church home! The next week, we met at the coffee shop near my home, and on February 14th, we had our first date, Valentine's Day supper at my home. He brought a dozen red roses for me, which was a lovely surprise! We have been together ever since and enjoying our time attending church, playing cards with his parents on Tuesday nights, going out to supper, watching movies, taking drives, and geocaching (which I introduced him to recently). He accepts everything about me, and we have so much in common. The most amazing thing about him is that he had the same surgery that I had, except the doctors were able to reconnect him in spite of losing close to 9 inches of his bowel. Unfortunately, he has to deal with some Short Bowel Syndrome but has learned to cope quite well. Never would I have guessed that God would lead me to a companion such as my Tim. He is a perfect gentleman, and we get along wonderfully! I just wanted to share this news with the group, and if you are wondering if you will ever find someone, you will!! I allowed God to lead me, and I allowed Him to work within His timeline, which often takes patience and trust. In the end, it pays off smartly!


Good for you.


So happy for you, freedancer. I'm so happy that you're happy.

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I'm so happy for you.


That's beautiful! Yay for true love!

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That's amazing! I'm very happy for you. Now if only this could happen for us all!


What a sweet and special thing, wishing you and your new partner a life filled with happiness and health.


So happy for you! Kudos to you for having the courage to put yourself out there and how wonderful that it paid off!



So happy you have found someone. Best wishes


Enjoy... enjoy!


Congratulations... I am so happy for you. God has brought you together and let nothing tear you apart.


That is so wonderful! I'm very happy for you both!


Dear Freedancer... Mazel Tov to you and your sweet man... You followed your path, left your husband, took a chance to be out on your own, and had the courage to know that you wanted to meet someone... special, who would accept you for the wonderful person you are... He was on his own path... and in Judaism... it's said that some things are "Beshert" meant to be... The two of you were meant to find each other and with "help from above"... you met your special person... Wishing the both of you the best of luck as you travel your paths together... Marsha...


That is absolutely wonderful for you and your new man! Not only did you find someone that understood you, so did he. Thank you for your encouragement to all of us as well.


I think the key here is you trusted God! I do believe if we put it in His hands and do the work on ourselves like He intended, everything falls into place the way it is intended. I am so happy for you. Such a nice story. God bless.


So happy for you!


This is so awesome! Congrats!

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