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Ostomy Memories of Chicken Feathers


ONE SUMMER WE WERE DRIVING in the Appalachians, enjoying the rural atmosphere and the beauty of the curvy roads through green hills, when we ended up behind a medium-sized flatbed truck loaded with cages, all strapped down and secured.  The cages were filled with live chickens and the speed of the truck was enough to cause thousands of white feathers to come flying out of the cages, filling the air all around us like a winter snowfall.   It didn’t take much imagination to realize where this truck was headed and what would be the fate of all these doomed birds.  Losing their feathers like that was as if they had given up hope, as if they knew their destination.  After just a minute or two, my wife had had enough.  “PASS HIM!” she yelled.  “PASS HIM!”  Nothing will bring a couple of happy vacationers down faster than getting caught behind a truck on the way to the abattoir with a few hundred living creatures.  Even my spouse, an ex- farm girl, couldn’t handle it.  It was probably a couple of weeks at least before either of us ate chicken again.  

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I'm an ex-farm girl as well and I never liked the time of year when we killed the chickens for the winter. I mean, I knew we raised them so we would have meat for the winter, it's just I didn't want to be involved in the killing. When my daughter was little she would only eat chicken. So if I cooked lets say pork chops one night, I would cut it up small and tell her it's chicken so she would eat it. She never made the connection between the chickens running around on Grampie's farm to the chicken she was eating until she was older. 🐓 What a shock that was to her. 😮 LOL It got me thinking maybe a lot of kids never know where their food comes from? 🤔


I have a niece that’s very young and hates all food that’s not chicken, so everything in that house is “chicken”, clam strips are the best “chicken” she’s ever had according to her, she also claims to hate all seafood, it’s kinda funny. My sister also makes some kind of fake childrens charcuterie board for the kids with no Italian cold cuts on it but those kids love charcuterie boards as well, I was laughing so hard I forgot to get to contents of the board for the kids

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Good to hear I am not the only mom to do that! 😅


" You still wake up sometimes, don't you? You wake up in the dark and hear the screaming of the   Chickens Sally : Yes. !!!! "  😱( the Scream, ,Munch ).   Chicken Liver and Fava Beans with a nice Chianti  Mmmmmmm  ☘

Eamon ☘🙂




Hi all when we lived in our old house across town the neighbor had chickens, and when we first moved there my daughter was 7-8 yrs. old and that fall one morning the neighbor started to harvest them as thats what we called it so as to not scare our daughter, that day she stayed all day in her room with the shades closed and her little pink radio playing so as not to hear the sounds from outside, to this day she wont eat chicken. 


Now my Dear Sally you will forever  have a new name , Clarice ....LOL . The open fields are right behind my house and they round up the Sheep and Lambs in Spring ( a couple of weeks ).  I could hear the " screaming " ....Baaaaaing I should say the poor little things are taken from Mommy . They work  night and day so I could hear them all night calling for Mommy Sheep sad  !  But I must say I LOVE  Lamb Chops , Leg O Lamb etc . They just taste so damn good I just put my headphones on and dream of juicy Lamb on my plate . I  eat very little meat but for Lamb I make an exception  .  

   Have you seen the movie ? A big NO  I'm guessing ☘💚

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I always suspected you were a bit of a savage...  P.S.  I love lamb chops too.  Grilled some just the other day.


You lost me somehow. LOL Clarice? Movie? 🤔

I do need a new name... people in this forum have suggested Freida and Nancy so far! LOL 😅 I do like the sound of Clarice though. 🥰


My two older Brothers  would go out for a Pint  the days before  Christmas and in the Pub there was always a raffle  to win a Turkey for Christmas . One year , I couldn't have been more than 9 or 10 , they actually won the Turkey  !!!  About midnight I went to the front door and looked down our long street to see if they were coming  . I saw two figures in the distance and knew it was them so I told Mom they were coming . They had something with them but it wasn't tall enough to be an adult so I was curious so I stayed and watched . Here come the two lads up the street with their prize . They figured it would be a frozen Turkey . As they got closer I realized they had this monster turkey with a necktie tied areund the Turkey's neck as he waddled alongside , quite happy and unaware of it's inevitable fate !!  I ran in laughing at this vision and told my Mom she should see what's walking up the street . My Mom nearly fainted when she saw the size of this monster . " How do you expect me to cook that thing ...who's going to kill it and pluck it  !!??  It was so funny . The lads had a couple more pints to celebrate so they were taking two sides of the road on their trek home  and in a very good mood . 

    My Dad used to be a Butcher so he was the Executioner , quick and deadly !!   We of course had to pluck it , spitting out feathers all day !! 

    My Mom had to ask our Granny to cook it in her big solid fuel cooker  , no problem . 

   That had to be the funniest Christmas ever . Nobody had cars  so it was the Bicycle or walk  home .  The Turkey was delicious , I do remember that  and the Turkey wearing a necktie as a leash  !! 

Eamon  ☘💚


None of us kids would talk to dad for a week when he tried lamb...poor Bradley. 😥 All dad said was "I warned you not to name the farm animals."


You mean to tell me that you have never seen ( heard of !!)  " Silence of the Lambs !!!  " and Agent Clarice Starling  !!!  You are Soooo deprived Sally !!  You will however need another person on the couch to hide behind  LOL  ! 

    " Hannibal"  the series is brilliant  . The guy who plays Hannibal ( Mads Mikkelseni ) s so good in that show . He does a Psychopath so well  that he must have a bit of Psycho in him !!  So nice and a real Cultured  Gentleman  in a        $ 2,000  Suit with a taste for more than Lamb Chops  !!!  ....if you get my drift !!?? 

Eamon ☘💚

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Yea Henry there is a bit of the Savage Celtic  Warrior  left in us  .My family name is from an ancient  mid first Milennium  Clan  connected with the High Kings of Connaught .so all you pesants may call me Your  Highness  and send me loads of Tributes and Bribes  ....I Love a nice  Lamb chop  or ten .

     I eat them RawHenry  ....with a nice Pinot Noir   ..LOL . The best of the Irish Lamb is exported but they leave some for the pesants here in Lamb country  but we have to be quick to get the good stuff . Yummmmm  🙂

Eamon ☘


I will definitely need a movie buddy for that one! 😱


I think Clarice is a perfect new screen name. 😁


There’s a Costco chicken processing plant about 25 minutes from my house and right next to the train tracks I used to run trains on daily. A truck lost its load turning into the facility one day, there were chickens running everywhere for days. 😂 Most still had at least 90% of their feathers. 😁

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I guess I've been called worse. 🙄


I think that's a pretty good Moniker but I do really like Sally  🙂

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About the last 30 minutes of that movie will make a person never want to walk thru  their house alone in the dark again. 😁


Henry, I am guess your wife should have been thankful that it was only feathers flying.  If they had any notion regarding the end of their journey, it could have been chunks from their north end flying south !  Poor chickens ;(

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LOL...  try Hannibal the Series ,  you'll definitely invest in a " Safe Room"  and the biggest gun you can find !!  Both are two on the couch evenings ...two in the bathroom , Two everywhere you go ...but it won't do you much good so bring the hot sause  for good taste ...I mean so you will taste good !!

   Twilight Zone , the  Astonaut is captured on the Alien Planet . The Alien is reading a book called .  "To Serve Man" . The Astronaut figures they have a pretty docile , compliant Alien race .  Until the meal preparations start  and the Astronaut realizes that  " serving Man "  can have very different meanings !! Aaaggghhhhh !!!

Eamon  ☘


Ya Wimp !!  🙂☘


Haha and a blankie and earplugs and something to hide my eyes! 😱

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     I say we skip the movie altogether. Maybe a nice rom-com? 😅

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Now that is a solid plan! 🥰

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     I’ll bring the ice cream! 🥰

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Awesome! 🥰 I honestly don't know how people live without ice cream! 🍦🍦

Reply to AlexT

Yeaaa  !! ☘


Hmmm let's see I started with Sunflower111, changed to SallyNBC, was told by a member I should be Freida, then another member said I should be Clarice! I don't even know how to feel about this! LOL And a handful of y'all know my real name. Sooooo what is a girl to do? I think I'm developing an identity crisis! 😬

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