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Where is Bob?


What happened to Bob?

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I think the below link was the last time Bob posted back in April.  He's been busy helping out friends.  I miss his thoughts and opinions on here too.


Hi gang, sorry to keep bugging out and then popping back.........things are just nuts around here, and none of it is ostomy related.  Well........I've got some ostomy things I'll post about shortly, like how my crazy peristomal skin is doing and how the switch from Hollister products to Sensura Mio is going, but nothing all that exciting.  Although I miss you all, it's kind of nice to not think about my ostomy much.  There is life with a front-butt!!  I'll try to jump on later tonight.........but no promises.  Hope all is well!!!




I miss him also hope all is well for him.

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