Ostomy Memories of Looking Ahead


THE POOR SAP WHO BOUGHT A BLOCKBUSTER FRANCHISE went bust after our ever-expanding video technology overcame his investment.  Then there was the guy who purchased an Edsel dealership.  Or the investor who bet on the Segway personal transporter hitting it big.  Sometimes, you just guess wrong.  “Life can only be understood backwards,” said Soren Kierkegaard, “but it must be lived forwards.”  So much for seers, crystal balls, and horoscopes.  I always loved that famous photograph of Harry Truman, who had just won the presidency in the ’48 election, holding up the newspaper headline that erroneously said Dewey won.  Truman is wearing a grin a mile wide.  Sometimes the unexpected happens.  None of us have any choice, though, but to keep on keeping on, moving forward into an unknown future that will produce happenings which we may, or may not, understand until they stumble into our past when, just maybe, we’ll come to comprehend what happened to us and why.  Or not.


"Sometimes the unexpected happens." That's why I keep buying a Powerball and MegaMillions ticket. I'm buying an island with sandy beaches when I win.

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I have had enough 'bad' unexpected things happen that I know it must be time for some 'good' unexpected things to happen.

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You promised us all a cruise back in January.

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I haven't won... yet. I'll still do the cruise for everyone, the island with sandy beaches is for someone special.

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