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POTENTIAL DANGERS STALK US ALL in life, from tainted foods to deadly viruses, airborne diseases to water-borne pollutants.   For some things, there are safeguards.  Polio vaccines, emission controls, work gloves, beach lifeguards, protective eyewear, all these things are designed for the purpose of protecting us from dangers, whether we want to be protected or not.  In motor vehicles, seatbelts and airbags are now mandatory accoutrements that save lives, yet some people still hate them.  Due to the political pressure of so-called freedom-loving motorcyclists, some states have eliminated or avoided mandatory helmet laws, notwithstanding that, in an accident, the lack of a helmet severely increases the odds against survival.  I often see helmetless motorcyclists tooling at speed down the highway, surrounded by equally fast-moving cars and trucks, and wonder how they rationalize their evident disregard for the necessities of self-preservation.  Of course, our most contemporary example of safeguard issues is the Covid vaccines which so many people refuse to take, no matter that FACTS clearly show that they work to prevent hospitalization and death.  Any mandatory aspect of this particular safeguard is based upon the compelling rationale that the virus is highly contagious and thus puts not only an individual at risk but everyone around him, unlike the need for a safeguard such as sun block lotion that protects against non-contagious skin cancer.  “Safeguards are often irksome,” wrote Henry Adams in 1907, “but sometimes convenient, and if one needs them at all, one is apt to need them badly.”  So we brush our teeth against cavities, we bathe to avoid body odor and other hygienic concerns, and we read instructions or directions before using some new inanimate object so as to not put our eye out or electrocute ourselves.  Safeguards are the epitome of common sense, like mastication or patience.


Hello Henry M.

Thanks for another thought-provoking post.

This seems to be a subject that is directly related to Health & Safety issues, which appear to divide people’s opinions in similar ways to the dividing aspects of politics.

In the past, I thought the most effective rhymes for getting messages across about important issues like this was to keep the rhymes to just two lines. These concise concepts enabled even the non-readers to stand some chance of assimilating the information before drifting off into their own interests. The rhyme chosen below expresses a cynicism about those who are rarely ever likely to perceive the benefits of thinking logically about their behaviour and potential consequences.

Best wishes


                 RULES & FOOLS



                                 B. Withers 2018

( P. 32 In: Di-line Rhyme  on Health & Safety 2018)

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You remind me of the joke about the redneck's last words:  "Watch this!"


The Bards of MAO strike again, who needs an AR-15 when Verbal Jousting Masters are in the House... Magoo.

ron in mich

Hi guys, Henry's response reminds me of the saying "hold my beer" followed by "watch this."

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Oh, I love this one, Bill! Short, but to the point!

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