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Where’s the cat….


How long will it take Sally to find the cat in the picture? Yes, there is one…..

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Buggered if I know?!

Couldn't find camo-cat in this one either (until I cheated and checked on google😏!) 


An  easier one, spot the dog! 🐾


LOL it took Sally a very long time... almost her whole morning coffee. 😍

Reply to J🙂

Jo, I don't think there is a cat in this pic. 👀🧐


Ok, next up…find the blue eyed fox….

Reply to AlexT

Got him!  Oh.  No, I don't...  These are so devilishly clever!  I both like and dislike them...  LOL


P.S. - Now I'm seeing spots!  LOL

Reply to Lily17

😂 have fun. He’s there looking right at you with those blue eyes. 

Reply to SallyK

Definitely need the specs for this one.  Found you! (thanks google, lol!) 🤪


Main reason I like snow leopards so much…..

Reply to AlexT

Now come on, that definitely needs a clue, lol!

At least this one below is easy peasy! 


Here ya go Jo…..

Reply to AlexT

Thank you! 👍


Here’s an easy one for ya. Where’s the mouse…..

Reply to AlexT

It was easy! Saw those little ears right away! 🤓


And another. What’s wrong with this picture?


What's wrong?  None of those guys are being very 'gentlemenly' by giving their umbrella to the young lady without one.........or at least sharing until the bus gets there!  That must be somewhere in Britian, as they have funny looking buses like the one on the sign.    



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