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Wildfires All Over 🔥🔥

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

"Wildfires in the London Suburbs  ..yea England !!  Southern France and Spain burning up , literally but London !! 104F  is pretty damn Hot at 54/55 North . They have rain or clouds most of the year , like Ireland ...most years . Our Climate in Ireland has been pretty steady . The East Coast is always hotter in Summer and Colder in Winter , as in  GB . Here in the West we had 2 days of hotter than average , in the 70s , cloudy and cool otherwise . The West wind off the Atlantic keeps our climate pretty steady ...So Far .  Pretty soon Ireland will have The most desirable climate in Europe ....as if prices weren't high enough already !!! 

   On second thought ...Please disregard all the good news on Ireland's weather/ climate for the future ...it's a horrible place !! 😜...we're Full , no vacancies in Mayo  or it'll get too expensive to live here ...like California !!  But seriously the Temps in Europe are getting higher every year like clockwork . The Science Bench Test is working out and predictions are pretty good  so far . Windwills are becoming the Irish Redwood Forests on barren rocky mountain terrain  and the mountain  Bogs. Some classic views are PhotoBombed by 3 winged  747s spinning in every shot ...these  Blades are Enormous , like jet wings . I must admit they grow on you  because even when they "ruin" a shot they make great subjects for photos . Now I see them blending in with the 1,000 year old Round Towers and 5,000 year old Burial Mounds as well as the revered and  closed fields of even even earlier people , just  symbols of  growth of a collective Human population the current . This is the Future .

   When Nuclear Fusion is perfected all your Heat / Cool worries will be over so no worries !! 

Magoo 🔥🔥☘🥶🥶☄🏖


We have windmill farms and you can have them. Good in concept though. 

MeetAnOstoMate - 28,955 members

What are you going to tell us next, Magoo... that Don Quixote was Irish?? 


AlexT wrote:

We have windmill farms and you can have them. Good in concept though. 

You don't have any Hills in Neb ...you need to make some hills to put them on Alex ...get the Bulldozers into action . They look much prettier on Hills !!  They look like an attacking army of Aliens sometimes at Dusk when the light is just right !!😱🔥☘

The good news is , No Wildfires in Ireland and our Airport Runways haven't Melted !!!  No garden Compost piles bursting into flames ...As they have in England ...Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !!  💪👍🔥.....and I still never have to water my outside plants !  

Magoo ☘


HenryM wrote:

What are you going to tell us next, Magoo... that Don Quixote was Irish?? 

Maybe he wasn't ...but he is Reborn ....me  The Gaelic Don on my Bike  Tilting my Camera at Windmills !! 🙃☘. Going up to the high mountain Bogs , yes ! Bogs in the Hollows  of Granite Mountains ...to get some odd strange shots of these hordes of Three Winged Beasts  as the suck electricity from  the  Glorious  Gods of Wind and rain .

  I will be Victorious ! !! 💪☘ Magoo .


Where else could you get a pic of a 1,200  year old  Round Tower  an  800 year old Abbey  and a modern  day  Giant Windmill  all in the same photo taken  from a Farmer's field that is Not on fire .!!!  🔥 .  Visas  to live here will soon be hard to get so you should apply early ...all you Heat Refugees  !! 😜😎☘

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