Cymbalta: Mixed Results and Unexpected Side Effects

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I'm still having pain issues and it affects my quality of life severely. Currently, I take oxycodone 15mg every 4 hours I'm awake for breakthrough pain and wear a 75 mcg/h fentanyl patch. And all that, plus some medicinal cannabis, barely touches the pain. A pain level of 7 is a good day for me.

My doctor suggested we add Cymbalta to the mix of the other many and assorted medications. I was all for it. I felt no difference the first few days except nausea, so I lost a few more pounds and didn't want to eat. Well, that side effect went away about 5 days into it, and much to my surprise, I started feeling much better. I managed to do 40 minutes of weeding a day (Alex's yard makes me jealous). Well, then the next side effect took hold: dizziness. I was not prepared for this at all. I found myself on the floor twice, and that wasn't where I started. I contacted the doctor and was told to discontinue immediately. One doctor told me to try taking a liter of saline to see if that abated my issues. Unfortunately, it did not. The medication took roughly a week to get out of my system, and now the pain is back with a vengeance. The dizziness remains at a much lower level, however. I also have hypotension, so random dizziness is an issue, but I can tell when it's coming. Cymbalta gave no warnings and was just random.

I managed to get a lot done, but now I have zero energy again to complete my yard projects.

I guess the good news is I managed to change my appliance before my laziness forced me to do it. I also started Remicade and have my second loading dose tomorrow. Last time I went, my bag sprung a leak 10 minutes into the 2-hour infusion. So, for about 3.5 hours, I held a washcloth over my leak until I made it back home and did a full change.

I hope the Remicade is part of what was making me feel better, and that this next dose will allow me to continue in my yard.

I've weeded the biggest mulch bed and am prepping it to plant my mother's ashes under a rose bush. She loved roses, and when I moved across the country, I wasn't able to dig up and bring her rose bush with me. It's bothered me for years. There will be three rose bushes, with her being the middle rose bush. Her variety is called Rio Samba. It's a coral-colored rose. Mom's were yellow, and I don't care for that color. And on either side will be a rose called Dark Night that has yellowish petals with deep red tips.

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Sorry, y'all. I don't know how to insert more than one pic in a post.


Hi. I identify with the pain and have been on oxy for 2 years - 3-4x daily 15 mg. Even though I have no colon, (have a k pouch) I developed a skin condition from UC that is taking too long to heal and is very painful. Can't wait for pot to be legal - I think it will help me. Where is your pain?

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My pain is everywhere, my body feels like I went to the gym for the first time in a decade every day, I get sharp ice pick stabbing pains in my rectum out of nowhere. And to top it off, I also get migraines. All of my joints hurt and I'm using a cane these days. About the only thing that doesn't hurt is my prolapsed ileostomy.
I'm waiting on my next 2 scope procedures next Friday the 29th to make sure there is no cancer, once that's confirmed it's Barbie butt time. I have some deep abscesses in my rectum and a massive fistula tract, that's where my pain starts.
The cannabis helps me to relax and calms muscle spasms. It certainly isn't for everyone and doctors are zero help with cannabis dosing.
Medical Marijuana as it's called in NY is available, it costs about $150 to get your med card and it's worth every penny in my opinion. I was a med patient for MMJ in WA state and now in MA. Having the med card saves me over $150 in taxes over the year when I go buy my medicine there. And renewing your authorization usually drops to $100 per year. Curaleaf is a decent company and you could call them to get started if you so choose.


Yard looks good and those roses will add some beautiful color. Can't help you with the pain as I don't experience any, but I hope it gets better for you.


The one side effect I felt after the surgery is extreme fatigue, which would come on and off but stamina was way off. My brother highly recommended a product that Andean people up on the highlands of the Andes use as a potent source of energy. It is called Maca, must be the darkest one, the black one. I buy mine from a cooperative high on the Andes. I drink a four-ounce of Kefir each day and take seven pills of Maca, and it gives me enormous energy. Kefir comes in many flavors and it's very tasty. Maca is a root, they consume it in many ways in the Andes for the energy it gives. It has worked for me in a big way, used to feel tired all day, getting energy was a struggle. It's worth a thought. I'm fascinated by South American cultures, planning a trip there a couple of years perhaps. The Kefir alone gives you energy, but combined with the Maca gives me a jolt of energy.

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Isn't that kinda like false energy though? If you don't take it, you don't have the energy. Especially on a regular basis. I'm guessing a lot of the fatigue comes from being dehydrated from having output constantly and losing nutrients from food too fast to get absorbed properly. Then, trying to hydrate enough flushes things out even faster.

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That is absolutely stunning, Paul xx

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Thanks, Caz

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I've tried kefir in smoothies and plain drinking as it comes, I don't care for it, not sure what it is about it. I'll look into the Maca.


I've also been through a lot the last couple of years, so I'm working back into being able to do things outside. Just trying to keep up with basics around the house has been a challenge. I just want to get a few big-sized things done before the surgery as then I'll once again be laid up. I have hidradenitis, and that will make the grafting more difficult as well as fixing the prolapse.

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Wow! What a beautiful rose! Which one is that? Is there a name? Mom would be proud of that one, Abe!

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Wow! What a beautiful rose! Which one is that? Is there a name? Mom would be proud of that one, Abe!

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The unlabeled one is called Dark Night, Rio Samba is the one closest to the roses I couldn't dig up and move in color.
Rose Garden will be Dark Night, Rio Samba (Mom), Dark Night.
I may change my mind on Rio Samba but whatever I do choose for her living urn will be renamed Rose Diane.


I get migraines, too. Not horrible like in the past but chronic. I tried the antidepressant Nortriptyline which is for anxiety, depression, and nerve pain. I stopped it because it dried the hell out of me (I was on a high dose for the migraines) and I figured I didn't need to be any drier since my ostomy can dehydrate me already. Maybe a lower dose can work for you? I'm so sorry about your pain level. That truly sucks......

What a beautiful rose and what a beautiful way to honor your mother's memory.


Beautiful what you are making for your mom.

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I wasn't quite ready but my fat finger ordered the urn/planter last night when I was checking shipping rates. Also, if anyone else is thinking of doing this, I recommend their shop on Shopify. If I had been hip to that, I could have saved 10.

Thank you, Sally. I can't wait for spring to put it all in! The roses are best planted in the spring and my choices are currently sold out.

I'm so lucky to have Ma and Papa still here to help me. Ma is my sister's mother and Papa is her partner, and as far as I'm concerned, as well as they telling me so, I'm their son. Period. No half, no step, just their son. That makes me very happy and made my mom very happy before she passed away; that they had accepted me as such. Just don't want folks getting confused when I say Ma is helping me out. If I say my mom or mother, I'm talking about the roses and the woman who raised me. If I say Ma, it's my 2nd mom and to avoid confusing me and out of respect for my mother, I call her Ma!



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Thank you for the info, I'll ask my doc about Nortriptyline next Thursday on my visit. I drink a gallon of water and a half gallon of Gatorade every day, so far I have not gotten dehydrated and I don't want to!

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Holy crap, that's a lot of liquid.


I hope you find an answer to your pain. Having chronic pain is exhausting. Humira was my lifesaver.

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You are right, and oddly enough the bathroom trips to unload it vary wildly from day to day. Doctor told me to cut out 1/2 the Gatorade and to cut down my coffee from 2 to 1 cup. I'll try the Gatorade bit first. This constant take away his coffee is very disappointing, I'll just use a bigger mug of course. He's been wrong about the coffee before so I'm confident that's not it.
Always appreciate your comments and get it done attitude and genuine personality my friend. Thank you.

Please give Cooper the snow leopard a scratch for me!

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Good day, happy Sunday! Time flies, it's already July 24. But anyway,

I can relate to everyone because we all are different and I suffer with pain every day. I have what many people go through - uncomfortable feelings and can't eat everything or things others can. Sometimes, drinking coffee helps me and sometimes it doesn't. Anyway, I just wanted to put in my 2 cents. I'm sorry.

I'm happy for people that don't have pain, and that's awesome.

But again, we all have different issues and stuff we go through, and it's not fun!
Just sharing my thoughts too, and I pray we all are okay and whatever you're doing, it's okay.

Be careful and stay safe. I love you all, and let's all reach out and touch somebody every day! Have a great day! Thank you.

It's a NewLifeVictoria.


Oops, forgot to say I drink a lot of coffee and water, electron.

And have to be careful what I eat. Can't eat what others do (anything), sometimes it gives me too much pain and had a blockage. But anyway, I'm careful what I eat. I'll try to be.

Also, not sure if you know this.

Coffee and grape juice help if you're in pain. Some I think the pain is we have to poop. Yikes, did I say that?


Get rid of the oxycodone. It's so addictive. I take slow-release 30mg twice a day and 10mg fast-release.

I've been on it since 2008. I had a compression in my back left untreated for 6 days, causing so much damage. I lost my bladder and bowel functions, so I have 2 bags. I have loads of problems. My bladder went septic. I've had 3 massive hernia operations for stoma refashions, as I have granulars.

I am having my 14th operation soon. They are moving my colostomy to above my wee stoma. It's a big operation as they have to use my small intestine. These granulars have eaten the stoma. They bleed, and I fill a bag of blood daily. I am anemic, so I have to have B12 injections. All because I was sent home from the hospital with untreated cauda equine syndrome. When I was finally admitted, I was left for 6 days in all, causing so much spine nerve damage. I have had a further back operation. I got rods, plates, and cages. I have had C5, C6, and C7 plates and cages fused. I sued the hospital, and they did not even contest it, so I am a rich unhealthy man. I miss my old left golf going out. So sorry, I've gone on. I take a lot of meds like you. I agreed to have this stoma moved in November, but I have been asked to have a pre-operation on 22nd August, so the bloods and CT have got something my consultant has spotted. At least I have my caravan near the sea on the Kent coast, Romney Marsh, Kent, UK.

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CBD works for pain, and CBN allows me a full night's sleep with no side effects. Can you drive up to Maine?


Cannabis products have gotten me off all prescription painkillers and I'm happier and healthier for it. The various oxys and the morphine pills

made me a very sad and constipated person. Washington state, your mileage may vary...

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