Opinions on Trio Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seal?


Has anyone tried these seals?


Well.......that's an interesting product. Silicone caulk for your stoma. I'm curious to hear if anyone has used it. The video made it look good. Not sure how long it takes to cure though.....it wasn't mentioned. Thanks for posting this!



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I hadn't heard of these products, but apparently they are available on the Stoma Appliance Scheme here in Australia, so thanks for the info. I would be interested to know if anyone on this site has used them too. I might try some on my next order.



I posted about these on 2019/10/17. They are very sticky, a little hard to get out of the package. Got 10+ days out of them. Only used them a few times.

Wrong pic, see below.

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Hi X,

Yeah, you and a few others have mentioned salts. I just checked online and didn't find anyone selling them in the US. Amazon did sell them at one time, but no longer does. I'll keep looking, as I just did a quick search... but they look interesting as well.

We really do need a centralized database (with product reviews) of all the ostomy products out there, that's kept up to date. I hate hearing about new things by chance. Makes me wonder what other products I don't know about that could improve my ostomy experience. Thanks for posting (again).



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Wrong pic above

I got better results with salts.


I tried the silicone gel paste ... It took a little bit to cure, it left bad redness like it had burnt the skin.

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Hi Jo.

I would like to know how you get on with these seals. I will try to get some in my next order.

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