Ostomy Memories of a Raccoon


REMEMBER THE GREAT ROADRUNNER VS. THE COYOTE cartoons?  You can still see them on YouTube.  I’m presently embroiled in my own roadrunner vs. coyote competition with the raccoon who keeps climbing up and eating all the seed out of my bird feeder.  I suspect that, in this contest, I am the coyote.  I put an upside-down plastic planter on the pole as a baffle (I should paint ‘Acme’ on it) which has kept the squirrels away but doesn’t stop the wily raccoon.  My next trick will be draping something over the feeder at the top of the pole and tying it down at the end of the day (assuming that I can remember to do it) to see if that perplexes the raccoon sufficiently to put a stop to his nightly raids.  I know that they are intelligent creatures with great manual dexterity in their front paws, but I AM A HUMAN BEING, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.  Or, I am the ever feisty but inadequate coyote, always giving chase, never catching.  

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Live trap, a little dry cat food, relocate your raccoon. Oh, I just came home from work and there were 3 coons in my next door neighbor's yard. They leave as soon as my truck lights hit them.

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That may be my next ploy.  I have the trap.  Maybe I'll catch it and turn it loose on the grounds of the Governor's Mansion.  DeSantis can make it a pet.


I'm lucky by nightfall my flocks of Jays and Doves have cleaned the feeders and left bare minimum for my visitor but he comes to check it out every now and then he/she will walk the railings stand up looking for a feed and leaves disappointed


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I used to oil the pole for my hummingbird feeder to keep squirrels away

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Hopefully we don't get pics of Henry rubbing oil on his pole.

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Hmm how do you do emoticons on here ?Anyway, made me laugh. Thanks !


I remember those cartoons. I had a similar situation with squirrels one summer. I finally gave up and let them have at it. But it was kinda fun "trying" to outsmart them. Good luck !

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I just use the ones on my.

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Ah, I'm on computer. Haven't delved into using my phone with this.


Wild life humor. Lived two blocks from a wetlands; formerly known as a swamp. Mamma raccoon brought her three babies and taught them how to rip down the humming bird feeder; all enjoyed licking the bird juice off of the deck. Deer often would stop by to eat the bird seed left on ;the ground. One doe was clever, she used her snout to tilt the bird feeders and dump the seed on the ground for her fawns. We also had lots of chipmunks which drove the next door neighbor bonkers. She would trap the chipmunks and drive them five miles to the county park and release them. She often commented how fast they were, in that they were back by the time she arrived home. We did not have the heart to tell her the wetlands were full of the rascals. Miss the old neighborhood.


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Sprinkle cayenne pepper on the seeds. I hear they don't like it!

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