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Ostomy Memories of Jay Silverheels

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

TURNING A CORNER ON MY WALK yesterday, I bumped into Jay Silverheels.  “I thought you were dead,” I told him.  “Not really,” he countered.  “When the white men in suits ended the ‘Lone Ranger’ series, they banished me back to the reservation.”  “That was a great show,” I said.  “Yes, I got to pretend to kill lots of hairy white men,” he said with his usual straight face.  “You never seemed to smile,” I pointed out.  “Indians have nothing to smile about,” he said grimly.  I decided to change the subject.  “Scout was a pretty good horse, wasn’t he?” I asked.  “Scout good horse, but slow.”  Then he added:  “I could run faster than Scout.”  “There’s a couple of things I’ve always wondered about you, if you don’t mind my asking.”  He grunted.  “What tribe are you from?”  “I am Canadian Mohawk,” he said.  “Also, I’ve always wondered what ‘kemosabe’ really meant.”  He finally cracked a barely perceptible grin.  “During our first filming,” he told me, “I was riding right behind the Lone Ranger and looking at Silver’s butt.  The Lone Ranger heard me say ‘kemosabe’ and thought I was calling to him, so I told him it meant ‘friend.’”  “What does it really mean?” I asked.  “Horse’s ass,” said Silverheels.


Oh great. Now, when I watch those shows I’ll laugh each time he says that. For the last 45 years or so, I thought it was all real. 🤦‍♂️😩

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Which prompts the question - why are there so many more horses asses than there are horses?


A few on here  could answer to that name  Henry !!  Those are not worth the effort ! !  Even Fox  is beginning to see the Horse's Ass in the room .

" There are none so blind as those who Will Not See "  .  We tried Theocracy             { Theocracy is rife with Horses Asses }  here in Ireland ...the Children of that generation are still paying for it ...and Canada ...and Australia etc etc ....as are those of the  US...SCLC  ...Google the latest on that ShitShow !!!  If you have a strong enough stomach !! 

Let's Goooo Henry !! 👍👍👍👍👍.

Magoo ☘


Justbreathe wrote:

Which prompts the question - why are there so many more horses asses than there are horses?

I’m not sure about horse’s ass but I know a lot of dumbasses. 


A reckoning is taking place in Canada right now for the horrific way our native population was and in some cases, still is, being mistreated.  The Pope even recently paid a visit to apologise for the 'genocide' that was perpetrated on  generations of children who were taken from their homes and placed in 'residential schools', most run by the Catholic Church, with the government's blessing and funding, where they basically tried to "take the Indian out of the child".  They were not allowed to speak their language, or practice their culture.  Many were terribly abused, physically, emotionally and sexually.  They didn't see their parents sometimes for years at a time. Many never returned home, usually with little or no explanation given to the parents.  Hundreds of unmarked graves have been discovered on the grounds of these schools, all that have long since been closed down.  It is a disgraceful part of our history that we all need to be aware of.  The government of Canada is currently working towards 'reconciliation' with our native people, and it will be a long process.  At least it has started.  Education and awareness in our non-native population is a big part of that.

I think the U.S. is due for its own reckoning with their native population, because it's a well known fact that they also had a form of the 'residential school' operating across the country.  I hope it starts happening sooner rather than later.



This abuse , unfortunately , was not and is not confined to the Catholic Church ...everyone got  on the "Civilization"  bandwagon and continue their Theocratic efforts all over the world ...Irish Priests were/ are  deeply involved in this efforts ...to our collective shame ...☘ Magoo .


" There are none so blind as those who Will Not See " ....bears repeating ! ☘ Magoo .


The atrocities that the Catholic Church has carried out over history are horrible. The worst part is there is basically no punishment to those in charge or to the system itself. 

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