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Ostomy Memories on Automatic Pilot


SOMETIMES WE ARE ON AUTOMATIC PILOT, flying through our lives with no thought for what anything means and no concern for the natural and predictable consequences of our actions.  It is easier that way, less apt to trip us up, less likely to ensnare us in difficult situations requiring resolution.  “People do not like to think,” Heller Keller told us.  “If one thinks, one must reach conclusions.  Conclusions are not always pleasant.”  This is not a new phenomenon.  "Turn on, tune in, drop out " is a counterculture-era phrase popularized by Timothy Leary in 1966.  More recently, the 2020 GOP platform was devoid of any policies; it was strictly candidate centered.  That didn't work out so well.  Not thinking may make things easy on a day-to-day basis, but the thoughtlessness gathers problems as it gnaws into our future, swelling as it advances, closing in upon the day that it will burst and cover us with foul-smelling results, like a ruptured ostomy bag.  As you grow old, sometimes you can simplify your life to a certain extent.  I have done that.  But decisions still have to be made.  So, sit up straight, think it through, make a decision, and keep your eyes forward.  That's where the rest of your life is.

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Absolutely 👏 


Thank you for this one Henry! 👏👏


Auto pilot is fine. However, once in awhile ya gotta take the controls and make the flight interesting, clothing is optional. 😮🤭😁


Amen brother 🙏

Reply to AlexT

I thought clothing is always optional? LOL 😛

Reply to SallyK

Depends on temperature. 🥶

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