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My first roommate at the hospital was a news junkie, he was so good at it he managed to watch the news with it up loud even while sleeping. Luckily he was only here my first 2 nights. He never said hello even after I introduced myself. No big deal we didn’t need to be friends. He ignored me, I reciprocated. 
He wanted out of here bad and I was bed ridden at the time. On the day of his discharge he was ordering around his wife and son to get all his things thrown into bags so he could sign his discharge papers and leave. Paying zero attention to what wound up where. As he was going over discharge orders, the nurse asked him where the 2 Lovanox syringes were and he said he didn’t know but he was pretty sure it was the guy on the other side of the room (me) that had taken them, now I was getting pretty upset at being called a thief but just laid in my bed and listened. The nurse actually laughed at him and said she was absolutely positive I didn’t steal anything and hadn’t moved from my bed.

Then I had to think about the whole thing and laughed myself. 

Who in their right mind would steal LOVANOX? An  anti coagulant. 

I wouldn’t steal Lovanox or heparin injections with that guys hands, I get injected 3 times a day already and hate that. 

He must have thought I was deaf because on his way out he looked at me and said goodbye and best wishes. I just showed him my favorite finger and the nurse and I had a good laugh about it after he was gone. 

I guess that’s one good part about spending so much time here, there was zero hesitation from the nurse that I was absolutely not guilty. 

Lovanox 🤦🏻

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I had to give myself those shots for a month after coming home, why anyone would want to steal more to induce self pain is just plain stupid. You’re a kind man for just giving him the finger. I would of given him the choice of my fist or my foot. 


Lol the finger I love it  you go !!.. what an ass, I mean none of us like the hospital ,but why not make the best of it and talk with your neighbor.. those shots freaking hurt ..did yall get a scar from any of them ? Better question is why are there injections of any kind laying out in a hospital?

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No scar from mine but a couple were awful tender for awhile. Or I’m a big sissy, not sure which. 😬🤔


Well, I'm glad you only had to spend two nights with that A-hole!  The finger was the least he deserved!


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They were his from the hospital pharmacy to take home and he should have secured them instead of leaving them out. I described his packing style so I’d be amazed if he found his take home scripts or his wallet 

i bruise pretty good with them but no scars, the heparin ones looked like fireworks displays bruises


I was very fortunate that I was able to stay at the hospital hostel during my hospital stay. I ended up with a private room (and half bath). There was a common area where we all did jigsaw puzzles and talked every night. We even had a big spread at xmas time. 🥰 It was great to be with such nice folks. Sorry you had an a**hole for a roomie Paul. 😕

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If there was anyway possible for me to move I would have told him exactly what I thought of his BS but I was in no position to defend myself, and it was so absurd, if the nurse hadn’t laughed as he accused me it may have gone differently. I have all these little bruises all over my thighs from the 3x a day I get them. I hate them too and am not ashamed to say I’m sissy with those buggers. I have the nurses give me a 3-2-1 countdown and I exhale on 1 and it hurts less at least in my case. 

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I seem to get the pick of the litter don’t I? Out of 13 days it wasn’t all that bad with him for the two nights and it’s a very funny story. The nurses are all lock up the Lovanox as I walk through the halls now 

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Good for you man, it’s always good to have the girls on your side.  Damn, what an arsehole.  Most of the guys I shared a ward with were excellent people, but there were a couple that I really wanted to strangle.  Probably best that I was too much of a wreck at the time to follow through!


I hadn't thought about those Heparin shots until now. Ugh! You showed a lot of restraint with your departing a**hole roomie. Good riddance and another good story to tell when you get out!


Yeah, I had one of those roommates for the colostomy surgery. I was invisible to him and his family and there was a constant stream of noise from social media or something. Hard enough to rest in there without that crap. For the APR stay it was a private room for 20 days or so, MUCH better. Sweedish, first hill Seattle, nurses rock!

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I’m originally from Tacoma and always went to Tacoma General, I had a great surgeon and GI doc out there, I miss them. One has now passed on and the other retired. 
Seattle does have great hospitals as well I just was so comfy with my disease being mild at that time I never needed to head north for care.

TG also had all private rooms 


WOW...1st of all High five with the responce to that JACK @!!! No one wants to be stuck in the hospital in the 1st why wouldn't you try and make the best of it ?! I was stuck in a no contact room for 6mths..I'd glady have some company if I could've! AND 2ND Why would any one want to steal those? EVERYTIME I knew it was time for one I wanted to cry and was so happy when I could stop taking them twice a day. Sad to say there's real Jerks in this world ,but hey if we're ever in the same hospital together one day Paul I'd gladly room with you! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU on your recovery!

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Thank you Rose Bud! I’m excited that tonight is my last night on the Lovanox and the whole thing with this clown was just absurd, I’m just glad I’m tight with the nurses, who all laughed and said NO ONE STEALS THAT, and that people “forget” to take it home ALL THE TIME!

If I had a crummy nurse and facility that actually believed the guy I would have been livid but the nurse actually laughed right at him. For all my whining about my hospital stays I’ve learned to relax more and just make sure at the very least the nurses believe me and give me the best care possible. 
The roommate that left today was amazed at the level of care I got and asked me how I did it. I said I say please and thank you don’t treat my nurse like my servant. All things he had done. He thought he was slick, started trying to order my meds, nurse explained to him that my condition was different from his and he didn’t have orders for what he was asking for. 

This was the capper though with the last guy though. He was asked what his pain level was. He said 10/10 while he was sitting up in bed texting and having perfectly lucid conversations. He had lost all credibility. 10/10 for me means I can’t walk have difficulty speaking and sure as shit can’t hold a conversation. He couldn’t understand why they didn’t believe him. I said I couldn’t help him as my pain is legit. 
He loved drama!

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Wow thats some 💩 I have a midline scar that had to stay open due to not doing well on the table and they didn't want to keep me under much long and 3 jp drains and Never was at a 10 maybe an 8.Really wounder if he knew what he was stealing 🤔


There's an asshole on every corner Abe and some of us get more corners than others, always a great activity putting them in their place, well done.


Ah the good old con merchants , when I used to work on the vascular ward we would get quite a lot of people who had injected into the femoral artery and totally f****d their legs up. They would swear blind that they were in severe pain for the shot and you can bet after two minutes of giving them the injection they had buggered off into town to get their next fix and not come back to the ward until 12,,hrs later xx

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Alex t a big sissy lol just kidding.. those hurt like a you know what.. the one on my stomach was tender ,also had bruising from it and now it's a scar. Another one they put under my arm I didn't have issue with that one 


Hi Abe good for you for sticking up for yourself, when i had my resection surgery a few years ago  i had those damn shots and they sure do hurt and leave some color behind, one nurse had a trick of using an icecube in a sandwich bag on the spot to be injected then the alcohol wipe and wouldnt you know no pain. My wife was horrified at all the bruising on thighs and back of my arms and then on my stomach across from the ostomy.

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This guy sounds a lot like the roommate I had during one hospital stay.  She was up and down constantly, pacing the hallways, going to the bathroom, or the sink to fill her water bottle.  When she wasn't doing that she was on her cell with people, talking loudly (with the phone on speaker, so I was able to enjoy the whole conversation) at all hours of the day and night.  She'd start at 5:00 a.m.!  When one of the nurses asked her what her pain level was from one to ten, she replied "ten, ten!!".  I rejoiced the day she was discharged!


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