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EVERY DAY I WRITE these little posts as part of my regular routine, like brushing my teeth or petting my cat.  I’ve been good lately about avoiding political subjects, though I admit it is difficult to refrain, given that there is so much happening in that arena.  But there are plenty of relatively anodyne topics to consider, and I shall continue to flitter about like a lost butterfly, lighting on this or that bit of color, trying hard to remain positive, which is not easy for a cynic like me, since I’m not only ticked off about things that have happened in the past, I’m pretty certain there is more bad stuff up ahead.  In any event, writing these posts can be fun.  “Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of,” said Robert Heinlein, “but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.”  In these days of rampant virus and disease, there are lots of other reasons to wash your hands anyway.  So my continued self-imposed assignment is to keep an eye out for good subjects for posts, avoid the dreaded and denounced area of politics, stay away from religion as well, and try not to admit too much.  


Civil being the key word here - something related to citizens or showing good manners and being polite. Doesn't seem to exist anymore.

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Hello HenryM. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on writing posts. it must sometimes be difficult to come up with a variety of topics without including politics, religion or admitting too much. 

Most of my writing (rhymes)  has been a sort of conversation with person or persons who have had problems of one sort or another, so the subject matter is pertinent to them. Occasionally these topics arise in different contexts, like on this site, when I can then resurrect the things I wrote before to join in a contemporary conversation.

It might be noticed that, apart from the occasional post relevant to stomas, most of my contributions on here are in response to other people's posts. It is for this reason  that posts like yours become invaluable to keep the site literally alive and active. Many people, in the past, have remarked how much they enjoy your shared thoughts and I am certainly one of those.

I hope you continue to grace us with many more of your posts in future.

Best wishes


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Yeah. Onwards, Henry.

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Yes, JB, civility disappears in the fog of war, and 'civil war' becomes an oxymoron. 

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