Barbie Butt leak


Hope you're all going well. For those with barbie butts, how long did yours leak for?


I had issues from radiation so mine took over a year.

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I had my Barbie Butt surgery in April and there is still a small spot that hasn't healed (2cm). It seems to be taking a long time but it's a tough spot to heal. Hopefully it doesn't last too much longer.


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About the toughest spot. You can't move without moving in that area somehow. Plus I'm not flexible enough to see what's going on back there.


Mine took roughly 3 months to heal.

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Did you find wound ointments helpful at all? Any tips for faster healing?

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If that question is towards my healing, no. My wound nurse tried all different types of ointments and stuff but none of it worked cause my wound wouldn't heal cause of radiation damage.

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You've been through so much. Hope you had some family or friends supporting you in person at the time. You seem like a very mentally strong person.

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Thank you. My journey to getting this hot accessory attached to my stomach and an adorable new butt is nothing compared to a lot of what I've read on here and to some I've chatted with. It took a long time and of course I'll never be the same but I feel very fortunate to only have gone thru what I did compared to what others have endured. Plus, I'm not covered in dirt and pushing up daisies.

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