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A new phrase I heard……


So I was conversing with someone early this morning and that person used the term…thumbs-upping. 👍 Anyone ever hear of this term before or have personally used it? I never knew the term existed. 🤔

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No and I don't want to hear it anytime soon!

A lot of the common modern day phrases I hear (and read) all the time are beyond bollocks, so it's always good to take a break from the "socials" and MSM and let the fog clear (plus has the added benefit of making me less likely to feel like slappin' someone upside the head!)


"just sayin'" - yes I know you're just saying it because you just bloody said it ya moron


"sorry, not sorry"

"no offence" - when clearly that was the main objective you ignorant twit

"my bad" 





and any gender identity related f*ckwittery including pronouns, it's he or she and nuttin' in between ya attention seeking dipshits!  

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😂 . I didn’t know this was a touchy subject. 

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And my personal favorite............'no worries'.  Where the hell did that come from??  



you know what grinds my gears? people who say culs-de-sac for the plural. just sayin’ 



Maybe I should title this thread….What annoys you? 😁 For me, it’s someone that says like all the time. 

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Apologies Bob but I think you can blame my beloved country for that one! 

She'll be right!

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One I forgot to mention is 100%, instead of saying yes, agreed or OK they lengthen it out to ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT?!

Never hear anyone say 50% or 75% if they only partially agree with you, LOL! 💯%


What the hell is with.  You have your work cut out for you!   = hard work ahead.   If I was a suit maker   I would love to have my work cut out for me!  Or a cookie cutter, sheet metal worker, a cake cutter or a bikini maker


What I want to know is where are they thumbs upping? Xx 


The worst one for me is probably someone who signs off with 'Best wishes' because they are too idle to think of another alternative to 'Have a nice day!'

Best wishes


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You really have made me laugh 😂😂😂

. One of my pet hate one's is straight from the horses mouth wtf . 

When someone says trust me you clearly should not 

Do you remember me from when we were in infants school why the hell would I when I struggle to remember my own bleeding name lol.

Can you believe it. No cos it's shit.

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I couldn't agree more.  'Like' drives me nuts.  100%, right Jo?!

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Yep the "friend" requests from people I apparently went to kinder and primary school with are strange, pretty sure there's a reason why we didn't remain friends if I have no bloody idea who you are now, LOL!  They are probably trying to sell Amway (or maybe its Bitcoin these days!) 🤣

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  You've opened a can of worms on this one as I'm sure the the list will continue to expand.  I have to agree with the gender identity bs as it's getting way out of hand.

  I also cannot stand when people use the word "like" after every few words but I'm guilty of doing it without even realizing it.  That or I say fxck or fxckin after every few words.

  As of late, I've heard the word "bet" as in "you betcha" and "facts" as in "I completely agree."  The urban dictionary is full of useless but sometimes entertaining one word phrases.

  And lastly, my biggest pet peeve is basic grammar.  For example, when someone texts or emails the words there, their or they're incorrectly.  Also included is your and you're, two, to and too followed up by then and than.

  The fact that smart phones can autocorrect your spelling or that someone came out with an app that checks your grammar, just goes to show that most people are either lazy or inherently uneducated.  Grammar schools are no longer teaching children how to write in cursive and we as a society are becoming dependent on digital signatures.  It's basically the equivalent of a person that was never taught how to read or write being asked to "Make their mark," usually by signing with an "X."  Just my 2 cents.         Who hates this one??


"Kind of" and "sort of" are the new substitutions for "like" and they're driving me nuts. Every tv show host says it, it's said in every interview, like they're biding their time until the rest of the thought comes into their heads, and they think these other two terms sound classier than "like." It never bothered me before until someone pointed it out to me. And "no worries" is the new "you're welcome." It took awhile for me to come around to that one, too.

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Also, "and stuff" as the new etc.  My daughter says it, but if I correct her, my wife gets upset.


I absolutely can’t stand “no worries” there are several others I don’t care for on Jo’s list but this whole “no worries” has annoyed me for over 20 years. 

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Hakuna Matata 😀


Wow, Alex, you really started something!  Jo, I agree completely on your list, but just a couple come to mind that I will mention.  Remember when people said "it's so much fun"?  Why has it suddenly become "it's so fun"??  Is "so fun" less fun than "so much fun"???  Why have we become so lazy we need to say "vacay" instead of "vacation"??  If you are that lazy, I guess you need one!


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I like you ....redemption.. aaarrrgghhh

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NJ Bain!  Haven't seen you on here for years, glad to see you're still around! 🥳

As always I agree with everything you wrote.  Nothing wrong with the eff word, there are many situations in life where it is justified my friend! 😊


Facts 😳 lol


Thumbs up is usually not stated out loud..but it is used it texts. 👍🏾 

To show "I will meet you at 10:00 and you reply" 👍🏾 ..the thumb can be the color you like brown ,light brown, beige, white. 


Wow, can open, worms everywhere!

My least favorite is 'bruh' 

My kids use it all the time. I wend from Mama to Mommy to Mom to 'bruh'.🙄

Casper 👻

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😂 I had a kid at a pizza place call me bruh when my pizza wasn’t ready…..”I feel ya bruh.”  🤦‍♂️😂

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that’s sus bruh. 

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Wow, I don't think I would respond if someone called me 'bruh', even if it was my own kid!!


LOL ..!!!  One that left me speechless . I was sitting in a park and two " office uniformed " Women walking by slowly deep in conversation .  As they passed one Office Type  ( presumably educated in the English language !!? ) says to the other .

  " well I was ' Conversating'  with my co-worker.....bla bla bla..." .

Conversating !!!!😱😱🤡🤡.  I've heard it since then , hopefully it never Took !!?? 

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