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Another field trip


My friend and caretaker Rick wants to get out of the house, I do too honestly. 
Taking a medium sized (for me) road trip to Worcester to see the “Woo Sox” AAA baseball game and bundling up since its close to fall in New England. It’s a nice one year old ballpark, Polar Park. When I was feeling better in summer of 21, I was able to take my niece to a game and we had a great time!

Easier to get better seats this time, and close to the ballpark is George’s Coney Island, Rick will love the coney dogs and lucky for me they make a coney cheeseburger. Then off to the game! 

I thought I wasn’t going to get to see any live baseball this year so I’m very excited about the whole thing! Here’s a pic from left field last year

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Have fun. Why no Coney dogs for you?

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I may have one, the casing on the hot dog I was told to avoid, although I’ve been told to avoid a lot of things and been just fine after trying them and chewing them to mush. I’m having issues yet again and don’t want exacerbate them. 


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I’m not sure about Coney dogs specifically, but they do make skinless(casing) hot dogs. I eat the Nathan ones quite often. 

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Enjoy! It’s a beautiful day in NY, must be glorious up by you.


Way to go, Abe.  Nice looking ballpark.  Like Alex, I also enjoy hotdogs, usually Hebrew Nat'l or Nathans.  


I love road trips! Have lots of fun! ⚾️⚾️⚾️🤩

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It’s kinda overcast outside but it’s very cool. Supposed to be between 70° and 68° at first pitch. Bobble head night of the smiley face, I think I’m over the age limit for it though darn it. Maybe not though.

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Thank you Sally, nice to see a comment from you! Hope you are doing well! You have been missed!


 I hope you have an awesome time at the ol' ballpark!  I get the feeling it doesn't even matter who wins?!



Enjoy your time with all you've been though this year! 🫂 Looks like fun!

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Alex t ,

I was just wondering about Hot dogs the other day it sounded really good  ,but didn't know if they end up breaking down enough without getting a blockage ?for me too not only are food new to me with my ileo but also I for me period .. it's been 17 years that I have only been able to have chicken or turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes ..

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I hope you can start enjoying all kinds of stuff. 


Alex t ,

Me too .. my question was does it cause any blockage ? Does it break down enough when you chew

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No issues for me but I’ve got a colostomy. Chew well and drink plenty, I think you’d be ok. 


I hope you had a great time at the Ball park just hope them Mr men didn't obscure your view on watching the game. XX 


Ballgame was a great time, forgot to bring my seat cushion home with me so I bought another when I got home. Had a cheese coney and a milk, my motility is so slow it took 12 hours to make it through me and I woke up to a mess, bag popped off. Got cleaned up and changed and am back to my normal day at the house. 


Hi  all a local bar used to sponsor a weekend bus trip to Detroit for Tigers baseball, what a great time hanging out with like minded folks and just having fun.

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Aww Abe I feel for you, I decided I was Sick of sticking to plain garbage food and bought myself a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits being not able to just have a couple I ended up eating 6 instead and boy did I know about 4 hour later what a bloody mess. Lesson learnt me thinks? Or in my case probably not 😂 XX 

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Oh, been there, done that! It tastes so good at the time but we pay for the mess later. I'm sure just being outside at the game was great. Btw, what is a cheese coney?


I see now, it's a Coney cheeseburger?

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The basic Coney Island dog is a hot dog bun with a stripe of mustard an all beef natural casing hot dog topped with chili and diced onions. In my area if you want cheese it’s a slice of American cheese under all the toppings, in Michigan it’s topped with shredded cheese and a hamburger/chili sauce. In Ohio they are made by two local chains, Skyline and Gold Star both founded by Greek immigrants and their chili has an odd flavor you either love or hate there is no in between they also serve their chili sauces over spaghetti noodles with an array of coney toppings. 
Oddly I’ve never been to Coney Island and had a legit coney dog at Coney Island.

Long story even longer, they are all pretty much the same idea with different chili concoctions and a SEVERE aversion to ketchup of any kind. Relish? Celery salt? No problem! Ketchup? Please leave the premises sir..

Some places just call them a chili cheese dog, but they are wrong!
posted pic is of Skyline Coneys from Cincinnati 

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The place I went to in Worcester, MA makes a coney cheeseburger with a hamburger and no hot dog, this is an anomaly most places are coney only or coney and spaghetti, in Michigan most coney places around Detroit also serve a loose meat sandwich, basically ground beef browned and loose on a couple slices of white bread with toppings of your choice. 

on my trip to George’s Coney Island Lunch in Worcester MA I had 2 coney dogs with cheese and a whole milk. I think my issue was having 2. When I still had all my parts kinda working I would get 3. I think my appliance and body told me to go ahead and enjoy exactly 1 and to stop thinking I’m just fine and can have whatever I want. 
I also found out that there is a George’s concession at the ballpark but don’t regret going to the actual 105 year old restaurant instead. 
The ballpark in Worcester is very Worcester-centric, most concessions are local down to the soda’s and food. You can get a beer from one of the major distributors but there is a local brewery that seems to have the beer concession on lock down, I saw maybe two major beer companies that managed to sell a beer but most folks had the local brew in their hands if they were having a brew.

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