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Epigastric Hernia


Hello all,

Today I discovered a circular 4 centimeter very tender protrusion in the center of my abdomen.  It is approximately half way between my navel and rib cage.  Looking online I discovered that an epigastric hernia seems to accurately describe what I am feeling and seeing.

Have any of you - either before or after your ostomy- had one of these?  If so, did you have day surgery to repair it with mesh?  Did it affect your ostomy at all?  Did a general surgeon or an abdominal surgeon perform the procedure?  What was your recovery experience?

I am scheduled to see my primary care doctor next week to confirm my self diagnosis.  (I certainly don't want any intestines to become strangulated if it gets too big.)

Any pertinent info regarding your personal experience with an epigastric hernia would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi CircleC, I have no experience with this but would love to know how you make out with it. 🤗

Reply to SallyK

Hi Sally,

This week I saw my original surgeon and it ends up that this is an Incisional Hernia related to the original emergency abdominal exploratory (resulting in the colostomy) incision in February.  Apparently it is not uncommon for these to occur (usually) 3-6 months after surgery but they can also show up after that time frame.  Mine is located just above and slightly right of the top of that incision scar.  As hernias never repair themselves but instead require surgical repair I am having this one repaired mid November and have opted to go ahead and have the Hartmann Reversal done during that same surgery.

Thank you for your interest and kindness.


Oh gosh, sorry you have to go thru all that. But at least you can get a reversal. Good luck with everything!


Would love to hear more about your reversal. I had mine 11/16 and I’m having a hard time with pain abs frequency. Feels like everything I try to eat hurts.

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