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Drinking whiskey after colostomy surgery

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

What says the literature about having a couple of drinks of whiskey?


Hi Sheila i,ve not had any problems with the occasional mixed drink or two.

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Nothing wrong with it except increased output in some cases. Best in moderation. I heard an American Doctor say once that they have known for a long time that two or three drinks were good for you, but they don't harp on it knowing that some people will think that if two or three are good then ten is even better!


Enjoy your beverages. 🥃


Whiskey is my drink of choice...only a couple and all is well. 😍


No problem with alcohol as far as appliances are concerned.


I am careful eating fresh vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage.  They don't really digest and can clog the appliance drain.


No problem, I love a whiskey each day.


I have been drinking since my surgery 2 years ago I don’t everyday but I do drink different types of liquor and have never had any issues 

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