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Hello all, 

Anyone else have an enterocutaneous fistula (ECF)? I’ve had mine for about 6 months between my sigmoid colon and a wound about 4” below my belly button.

it’s been low output but pretty constant during this time.

I was started on infliximab two weeks ago and have just had my second dose. I don’t know if it’s a response to the treatment but   even though the output seems to be thickening and reducing (which is good ) but the fistula has become quite gassy, producing some embarrassing sounds and smells! 

Anyone have any experience of this? 

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Yup........the "F" word in Gastroenterology.  As much as docs have no clue what causes (or really how to treat) IBD, fistulas really send them for a loop.  Unfortunately, I had fistulizing Crohn's, and you know what that means.  I had a fistula in the normal place, on my ass.  Just outside the rectum, so nothing ridiculously embarrassing......but not fun either.  Funny thing was I could feel it forming.  Seems whenever the bowel is obstructed in people like looks for another way to empty.....and you can feel it burrowing thru your skin as it develops.  They don't really have a good way to deal with them, although they claim the "slice it open like a filet of fish" method tends to work.......I have my doubts. 

Once I got my ostomy that one cleared up.........but another smaller one did form on the side of my stoma.  That one has been inert for years, but it'll always be there.  The biggest issue with fistula is the infections that can develop in the tract they make. When your output thickens that means it slows down and is able to ferment more........which is where the gas comes from.  So your choices are looser output and no gas........or thicker output and more gas.  Great choices, eh?  



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