The Kidney Bean Carcass


Ok, so here's the deal-i-o. I made chili the other day--something that I truly love in the fall. I obviously forgot what kidney beans can do to you if you have an ostomy. After I indulged in a lovely bowl of fabulous chili--it was fabulous because I made it so fu*k off-lol

Later in the evening when I went to empty my bag, what do my wonderous eyes do appear, but lots and lots of little kidney bean carcasses! Oh holy sh*t! How I could I have forgotten about that? I get that I could make chili without beans, but it just would seem like there was something missing--so here's to a happy fall to everyone and may your kidney bean carcasses be few--lol


Wow, that is pretty cool actually. I see you have an ileo, so obviously those beans were not chewed up very well, or the carcasses would not have been intact. You didn't get a blockage, so things are clearly passing through you just fine. I'm always really careful about chewing really well, especially when eating something like beans. Sometimes I wonder if it's necessary to be so diligent, but I'd still rather not take the risk. Good for you!



Black beans from Chipotle do the same for me.

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I make an awesome chili but I put my beans first in a food processor. The mushed beans aid in thickening and still give the needed flavor. My tomatoes go in peeled. Hmmmm, I'll have to make a batch but it's still hitting the high ninety's here.


Hi SC i had chili leftovers for lunch yesterday and like others said you have chewthe beans to mush.

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Yeah, for me "beans" equal the "blender" first. Fiber isn't our friend here, at least the large kind. I often see the flattened capsules from some of my supplements come out whole as well. Always a good reminder of what can and can not get digested. I remember the good old days when I could eat ANYTHING and it would get broken down and digested. As Archie said........Those were the days!



kidney bean carcasses..


I should have mushed my green peas . Now my Leo is like a popcorn machine !

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oh the visual that gives a person.


When it comes to beans, etc. the rule is always to chew, chew, chew. But that should be with everything you eat. I eat everything but make a conscious effort to chew it all very well.


The same thing happens to me with corn. I thought I chewed it enough but sure don't. The they come out whole.


I have made chili with zucchini cut into about the same size as a kidney bean. It is better than you think! I cannot do kidney beans. Try it, maybe it'll work for you.


I make what I call Taco Soup with 3-4 types of beans and rice. It's both a complete protein and complex carb. Nobody human digests the hulls (skins) of beans or grains/corn/peas, etc. That's plant fiber. But rice helps hold the liquid so the fiber passes nicer.

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