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Ostomy Memories of Movies


I’M ALWAYS RECOMMENDING MOVIES to my friend around the corner, but I know that he never watches them.  Some people, for some reason, aren’t keen on cinema.  Me, I’ve been going to the movies since I was old enough to ride my bike to the theatre to see ‘From Here to Eternity’ when it first came out in 1953, the year that I turned eleven.  Since the onset of the pandemic, all my movie watching is limited to what I can find on TV, from Netflix to Prime Video to Turner Classic Movies.  The stories are interesting, the cinematography is often exciting, and the acting can be mesmerizing.  Of course, in a way, watching movies can be an escape, since as much as they try to represent real life, they don’t.  “The difference between life and the movies,” said Joseph Mankiewicz, “is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn’t.”  But some action films in particular do tend to stretch one’s credulity.  I enjoy most the sleepers, the little known films that often touch your heart with both human drama and offbeat humor, films like, ‘Waking Ned Devine’ or ‘Quartet’ with Maggie Smith.  And what better excuse can one have to nuke some microwave popcorn than a good movie?  

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As long as there is action in a movie, I can watch it. No action, I’m asleep. 🤷‍♂️


Loved “Waking Ned Devine”!  Our favorite series this year was “Bad Sisters” on Apple TV.  Really good and sad that it’s over.  


Not much for watching movies unless it’s a comedy.  The one favorite “chink flick “ is a sleeper from the 80’s -

“ShirleyValentine” the only movie I have watched more than one time - in fact I have probably watched it about 13 times having girl friends over to share the fun.  The beginning theme song “The Girl That used to be me” - kinda a tear jerker but movie is a hoot!


Loved ‘Waking Ned Devine’ as well! I like a variety of movies except no horror. 😱 I think I finished Netflix during the lockdown. LOL

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Lol…and I am almost at the end of the Internet!


Hi all when the commercials start to bug me with their repitition i switch to watching movies, or i switch to a news channel and then pick up a book.


I remember being taken to the cinema once when I was very young and someone else must have been paying for the experience. The film was 'Bamby' and, although I cannot recall most of it, the experience has obviously stayed with me over the years.  However, even then I remember thinking that I could have been out there in the wild watching the deer and the other wildlife for free, instead of being stuck inside an overcrowded, smelly, claustrophobic space alongside a load of other 'deprived' kids.

I have often thought that, if the film industry was relying on people like me to make a living, they would have gone out of business years ago. 

Best wishes



The first movie I truly remember seeing was Star Wars. 


One of my very early movie theatre experiences, maybe my first, was Old Yeller.  I cried buckets, being the dog lover I have always been.  I was probably only five or six, but I'll bet if I saw it today, I'd still cry.  I've always loved the experience of going to the theatre, but I have to admit that being a short person, only 5' 3", I often struggled to see the screen.  I usually ended up with some tall person right in front of me.  Some of the old theatres were so lovely, with so much character, but I do love the new ones with the big comfy seats and the spacing and elevation between rows, and of course the huge screens and great sound systems.  I think maybe the whole experience you get seeing a movie in one of those theatres, might make it seem a little better than it really is.  


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We took our kids to see Star Wars and my son invited a friend along who had just come to this country from Viet Nam.  I remember looking over at him during the movie and his expression was pure amazement.  After the movie we went to McDonalds for some burgers and I remember the friend took everything out of the hamburger and just ate the bun! 🥹

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I love Shirley too, has some of the funniest lines in any comedy I've seen!


Hi all  the only movie i remember going to as a kid was the blob.

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Yeh!  Steve McQueen's first film.


From Here to Eternity is a memorable film with an all-star cast.  The Beach scene with Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr is a screen classic. I'm particularly fond of the knife fight between Montgomery Clift and Ernest Borgnine. Hiding the action adds to the scene's suspense.


I vividly remember seeing Star Wars at the theatre (I was 5 at the time) Darth Vader scared the heck out of me but I fell in love with R2-D2. So much so that my dad made me an R2-D2 costume out of card board tubing and foam. It looked great and I was so proud to wear it. Unfortunately none of my kindergarten classmates had seen the movie and they all thought I was decked out as a garbage can.🙄 


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