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Get your Boo On

This is the best website for people with an Ostomy. So much understanding.

So, is anyone dressing up for Halloween? My job is having a costume contest...even though I work from home, I am still eligible-which means that I don't have to wear my costume all day--just long enough to take a pic and submit it--lol. Currently I'm torn between a few costumes--I usually like to go the "pun" route....So here are my options: Pig In A Blanket, Witch Doctor, Static Cling, Deviled Egg or Dust Bunny.

So, help me to decide....


Hello NancyCat.

I must admit to having a bias towards one of your choices as (for some complex academic reasons) I used to have a nickname as 'The Which Doctor'. So, that's the obvious choice for me.

Best wishes


MeetAnOstoMate - 28,292 members

Deviled egg. 👍


And we MUST get a picture of you in whatever you choose, it’s a rule. 😬😁


A cat in the hat


Dust bunny lol


Static Cling  


I'm dressing up as a strange man with an ostomy. No prep necessary. 😁




Just for having fun with my grandchildren!


Hey Everyone:

I decided to go with Pig In A Blanket--lol


NancyCat wrote:

Hey Everyone:

I decided to go with Pig In A Blanket--lol

Great choice! I love it!


Hey Everyone:

I won 3rd place for my Pig in the Blanket Costume for Halloween!

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