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Ostomy Memories of 'Tis the Season


IN THE STORE THE OTHER DAY, there were Xmas displays and Xmas music over the loudspeaker system.  It's not even frigging Thanksgiving yet!  Give us a break from this crass commercialization of the holiday season!  My fellow curmudgeon Edward Abbey once commented:  “There's nothing so obscene and depressing as an American Xmas.”  The catalogues have begun arriving in the mailboxes, the Internet advertising for Xmas gift giving has revved up, and over-anxious holiday revelers are already busy stringing outside lights.  Geez, Mary hasn't even told Joseph that she's pregnant yet!  The poor Maji will be distracted by the increased traffic on the Interstate and miss the turnoff to the manger.  Not only that, but I seriously doubt that Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction Act has had much affect upon the price of gold, frankincense and myrrh, and the Maji are probably living on Social Security these days.  When Christmas degenerated into Xmas, we lost the religion in favor of the competition for over-zealous shoppers.  ‘Tis the season.  

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Christmas is a lot of fun, Henry. Look how pretty London and New York look at night especially Rockefeller Center. Ostomates need some happy times faced as they are with the frequent challenges and obstacles that condition throws their way. Some of the best times I've had were during Christmas and I am not even a Christian.


Agreed Henry 

First things first !  Time to prepare for Thanksgiving!

Reply to Justbreathe

Nice job on the fingernails/polish, looks good. 👍 I ignore all the pre Christmas gibberish at the stores, I prefer to wait until the week of Christmas to shop for presents, it adds to my cheery ass Christmas spirit.  Oh, you wanna celebrate Christmas a week early to  “ make it easier” annoys the F out of me. Tis the season…..   



You know Christmas can't be far off, when all the TV ads are for booze, chocolates and electronics, rather than for laxatives and laundry detergent.


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