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Christmas Holidays 2022 in Arizona or Maui


It is this time of the year again. I have no family therefore I am not looking forward to Christmas Holidays. If you are interested in spending Christmas holidays in Phoenix, AZ then reach out to me. I have a spare bedroom with queen size bed and bathroom. Must love outdoors and my 2 small lap dogs.

I am also considering Maui. If interested to join, reach out. If you know of 55+ singles tours for Christmas Holidays then let me know.

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That's really nice of you. 


I'm jealous, I'd love to go to the wild west .... Giddyup


Do we have to bring our own snow?

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If interested, you can bring Cooper. 

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Thanks. I wish I had some time off during the holidays but since I was off most of last year I don't have any vacation time til next year. Never been to that part of the country. 

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Hmmm.........I thought you train drivers were about to strike in two weeks?  Then you'll have LOTS of time on your hands if the unions have their way.  And now is the best time to visit down there........monsoons are past and the weather is perfect.  Just don't pet the rattlers, scorpions or gila monsters.  The tarantulas are fine, but the hair on their ass is very irritating to us humans.  Tread carefully.



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😂 we could strike in a couple of weeks crippling the economy at an estimated 2 billion dollars a day. However, the likelihood of that actually happening is minimal unfortunately. More than likely, congress will step in and just give us a contract whether we approve it or not. Or, since the government is fed up with what the railroads have done recently, maybe they'll actually take our side. 🤷‍♂️ It's pretty much whoever throws more money at it at this point will win. 

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Hi Alex,

  Thanks for the update!  Sounds like you should be wearing your catcher's mitt all the time these days.  The way Biden spends money (that he doesn't have) it sounds like you got a boatload coming  your way!!!  Get it while the gettin's good!  Which reminds me I still have to pay my taxes for this year.......thanks!



Good luck with your offer.  I know this time of the year is stressful.  Hope everything works out for you!   
Also, I wish every conversation would not turn political… there are many websites you can go to to make your point for either side.
I really like the positive energy of this group!

Take care!


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