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Exfoliate area around stoma area


Can I use a exfoliate sponge around the stoma area?  

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I wouldn't unless it's really soft. 


No..scrapes aways the top layer and you need to protect and keep that skin healthy and strong.


Don't do it, you will damage the skin service and you need it to be protected.


Hello Mullch09.

So far, all the above replies appear to be sound advice, so I won't repeat what they have already said. But, of course, you 'could' use whatever you want to, but some methods are 'wiser' than others.
However, you ask a perfectly relevant question which deserves a little more exploration like:
What is motivating you to think about doing such a thing? Is it to remove dirt or adhesive? or is it to take away a blemish on the skin? or some other reason?
I have found that removing dirt and/or adhesive is best done with adhesive remover, either in the spray or wipe versions. Also, I have a plastic 'cup' (which has a diameter about the same size as the diameter of the wafer) that was provided by one of the manufacturers, which can be half filled with plain warm water and put over the stoma area and be shaken well to wash it for a few minutes every day to keep it clean. I then remove the cup and gently wipe the area with a dry wipe.  This 'special' cup is almost exactly the same as the plastic containers that my prawns come in, so I have kept one of these back in case the original gets damaged.

I hope you find something appropriate to resolve whatever problems you are facing in this regard.

 Best wishes


For the past ten years I have used a synthetic loofa that is usually part of a 'Dove For Men' gift pack. A well lathered circular motion seems to remove any debris that the adhesive remover has left behind. Using a light touch, 4 or 5 passes works well for me and provides a better bonding surface for the baseplate. I have a urostomy so I don't know if a colostomy requires different care. Good Luck!


not wise as you do not want to cause any irration to ur skin as it is already sensitive due to coverage etc...warm water soap a soft cloth will clean it perfectly


Hi m,

  Good replies so far, and you can get a sense of the general answer.  As with everything 'stoma', everyone is a bit different.  If you have tough skin around your stoma the risk of damaging it is less than someone with sensitive skin.  The point here is not to cause any undo irritation of the skin in that area.  Certainly try different things, but if you notice the skin getting red, or showing any signs of not liking what you're doing......stop.  The problem is once your skin gets screwed up in this area it can be hard to correct it.  So as many here are don't want to go making a problem where you don't have one already.  Avoid any type of abrasion to the skin and you should be fine.  Despite what anyone're you and they're by all means experiment to find what works for YOU, but know to stop if things aren't progressing in the right direction.  It's called 'common sense' I think.  We all have it, although some choose not to use it.  Just don't be one of those folks.  


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