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Ostomy Memories of Frog Porn


MEET THE GEORGE BURNS OF THE FROG WORLD.  You can tell at a glance that this little guy is pleased with himself and has a good sense of humor.  Just as with humans, there is much that can be judged by the expression on his face.  Your facial countenance informs others right up-front what kind of a mood you’re in, and frogs give it away just as we do.  Because frogs have the largest brain size to body ratio of all amphibians, we assume that they’re smart little creatures.  And, again like humans, they can be sexually creative, as they have seven known mating positions.  This is what some zoologists do, I guess, sit around watching frogs mate.  Since there are about 6,000 different species of frogs and toads, I imagine frog porn is high on the list of zoology studies.  But it’s unwise to try and kiss a frog, even if you suspect it might be a prince in disguise.  Finally, unlike people with ostomies, frogs don’t have to drink water, as they absorb it through their skin.  Frogs are our allies, lurking in the shrubbery waiting to eat insects and thus keep them away from us.  Together with their cousins the lizards, I’m happy to let them have the run of my yard.  

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Hello HenryM.

Thanks for this post, the great picture and the astute observations.

It is unfortunate that in a country like the UK where there are too many people and not enough space, frogs and toads have a hard time of getting back and forth to the ponds to mate.  At night time when they are on the move, they try to cross the roads and tend to get run over by inconsiderate/careless drivers who either don’t see them or don’t care. Locally to me, at the appropriate times of the year, we have groups of people who go out at night picking them up and making sure they have safe passage to their destinations.
Needless to say, I felt  the concept deserved a rhyme at the time so I’ll resurrect it and share it with you now.
Best wishes



A frog he would a wooing go.
To find himself a bride.
But frog he crossed the road too slow.
And sadly frog he died.

I tell to you this mournful tale.
So you might be aware.
Frogs die upon a massive scale.
As if we do not care.

Every year in spring and fall.
The frogs and toads migrate.
Across our busy roads they crawl.
Many end prostrate.

Humans are a selfish breed.
Egocentric to the core.
They’ll stop at nothing to succeed.
It’s something I abhor.

They seem to like to maim and kill.
And take whate’re they can.
They’ve so developed selfish skill.
It’s now the plan of man.

No other creature on this earth.
Has so destructive been.
In their wake a dreadful dearth.
A devastated scene.

They destroy the habitat.
Of creatures great and small.
They act and think as autocrat.
With greed they grab it all. 

But I would like to make a plea.
Before it is too late.
Please contemplate humility.
And change this pending fate.

It would not be a major task.
To put pipes beneath our roads.
Would this be too much to ask.
To help our frogs and toads.

                                      B. Withers 2011
(in: My Colourful Rag-Tag-Bag. 2012)


“we have groups of people who go out at night picking them up and making sure they have safe passage to their destinations.”

Aka - frog pimps without pay !🤔.   Just kidding - some very  admirable citizens❤️


We have lots of frogs and just as many toads. I’ll even get toads in the yard sometimes for whatever reason. 🤔🤷‍♂️ Frog 🐸 porn, Henry, I didn’t expect that one from you.  🤭


Kermit and his gang are suffering those casualties for a reason, they say that suburban ponds have more female frogs than rural and forested ones. They also have more traffic on the roads so crossing them is obviously more dangerous, but it is a chivalrous frog that ends his life in that quest. 'What do you call a sad looking frog. Unhoppy.' 

Reply to bowsprit

Get a good rain here in the summer and certain roads are literally hopping with frogs. The carnage 1 vehicle can do to them is unreal. 😬😳


I love those little  frogs and lizards too.  I have found far too many dead ones in the skimmer bucket.
 I searched for a remedy and this is what I found.  There are 2 of them in the pool and since I put them in there have been no casualties👏👍

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