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Crazy 89s


Did he eat powdered donuts through a straw? And what house party in the 80s served powdered dohnuts? Lol

I was born 86

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What house party in LA in the 80s served powder donuts. Lmao


Please excuse my typing!! I hate this stupid phone!!!!!!! 


I’m pretty sure in the 80s most parties had powdered um. treats. 😂 


Mike Tyson, the baddest man on the planet in his prime. 


I don't often read these things
but this is what my recall brings:
When Mike Tyson liked a treat,
sweaty ears was what he'd eat.

Best wishes


My hubby did some work on his house back in the 80’s - he said Tyson was a total jerk - must’ve been a result of eating the powered donuts ! 😝

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I knoooow! I totally forgot about that happening!! I been laughing at this pic all night because tyson in his day had many influences for fight style sports .. but this was another mishap? 

Thanks for the reply

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Wow!! No way!!! Does have any more stores regarding ryson? Did he live in LA? I thought Tyson was Florida 

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It was at his residence in Ohio - can’t remember any other comments about him.

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