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Ostomy Memories of Foot(?)ball


THE SOCCER LOVING WORLD MUST WONDER why Americans call their sport ‘football.’  The only time a player is permitted to kick the ball is on kickoffs, punts, and extra points.  Otherwise, no feet in football.  The sport is beloved in the U.S. for all its special American excesses:  overpaid athletes, over-hyped rivalries, millions of dollars wagered on games, stadiums and bowl games named after corporate sponsors, and the promise of violence.  Emergency motorized gurneys stand ready to be rushed onto the field of play to remove a player that has been rendered too badly injured to get off under his own power.  The phenomena of INSTANT REPLAY & SLO-MO enable the televising networks to replay for the benefit of the viewing audience not only big gainers and touchdowns, but the hideous picture of a player’s leg being bent under him so unnaturally that he’s out for the rest of the season, if not longer.  The players are happy to run the risk of injury because they would not otherwise be capable of earning such pie-in-the-sky salaries.  They view themselves as contemporary gladiators clashing in huge arenas before thousands of screaming fans.  It is big business, so calling it a ‘game’ seems kind of silly.  Yet even in ancient Rome, when actual gladiators fought to the death before raving fans, it was called “the games.”  Fortunately, they don’t risk death anymore, but a recent study found that 110 out of 111 deceased NFL players had chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disorder associated with repetitive head trauma.  I’m guessing the one case that didn’t have CTE was some third string benchwarmer.  

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The biggest issue with football and injuries is the equipment hasn’t kept up to the athletes. 


Hi Henry,  I really know nothing about football, or soccer for that matter, but I was a fan of Canada's game, hockey, when I was much younger.  I followed it because my dad loved the game and it was always on our TV.  It was not nearly as violent a game then.  Players did not wear helmets in those days, and would often lose teeth from stray pucks.  They were known to flash big smiles at the cameras, wearing their missing teeth as a badge of honour.  This was usually the extent of serious injuries.  At some point, fighting between players became a 'thing', and when the promoters discovered that the audience loved it, they encouraged it.  Fighting became a draw for many fans, something I could never understand.  I had stopped following the sport years before this started.  At some point they started wearing helmets, which means many of them now have a full set of their own teeth.  Most of the injuries are now inflicted by their fellow players.



There's only one code of "footy" worth watching mate and that would be Aussie Rules!

And the only time I watch the rugby is if the All Blacks are playing and I can see the Haka!

Reply to J🙂

Bunch of goofy bastards down under. 😁 😮

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