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Ostomy Memories on a Siding


EATING CREAM OF WHEAT.  BLOWING MY NOSE OFTEN.  Forgetting names.  Early to bed, early to rise.  I do old man things by default, and I’ve discovered that I enjoy being old.  If I happen to say something that is considered not politically correct, I am readily forgiven my faux pas.  The other day I referred to someone as ‘oriental’ and was quickly educated by my daughter that the person was ‘Asian.’  “The rug in your office,” said my daughter, “is oriental.”  I admit to enjoying the deference that people show me just because I’m old, people who don’t know me from Adam and have no idea whether I’m a broken-down bus driver or a professor emeritus.  I do get aggravated at myself when I can’t remember something, but then I remember that it doesn’t really matter, so what the hell.  As with many people my age, my health isn’t what it used to be, my body no longer responds to my thoughts like it did when I was hot stuff and more active physically.  But that’s okay too, since my competitive need has long since departed to whereabouts unknown.  I’ve heard that many aging people, toward the end of their life, get closer to God.  I wouldn’t know how to do that and have no interest in trying.  For me, the last train to heaven sits idle on a siding.  There’s nowhere for it to go, as far as I’m concerned.  And besides, I hate to travel.

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think my train may be 🎼🎶the last train to Clarksville🎶  love Arizona and Oak Creek Canyon holds many fond memories!🥰

Bobby Hart said of writing this song: "We were just looking for a name that sounded good. There's a little town in Northern Arizona I used to go through in the summer on the way to Oak Creek Canyon called Clarksdale. We were throwing out names, and when we got to Clarksdale, we thought Clarksville sounded even better.


Hi Henry my oldest daughter is the one to correct me or offer an OH dad thats not nice, something along those lines, where as my youngest just gives me the side eye or roll her eyes if what i,ve said ids flagrant enough. 



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Love these! 😅 😂 🤣

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Love this stuff keep doing it

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