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You know you do it……


We all do it, it’s ok to laugh/smile about it…..

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Hello Alex.

Surely, this is just another form of 'people-watching'.
I do it more often on my bicycle or walking than I do in the car. This is because the roads are so congested over here, if you take your eyes off the road for more than a second, you are likely to run into something.
Best wishes


PS: Perhaps this reply gives the wrong impression: 

When I am walking or on my bicycle I am often going faster than the ones I am looking at in the vehicles stuck in their traffic jams, so it is them that are the slow drivers who were once in  front. Oh! for a bit of irony.


Give em the stink eye ..


So true!!! 😂😂


Haha, I have to be careful with that. I teach senior fitness and, more often than not, the slow person in front of me on a single lane road (I live in a very uncongested area) is a slow driving senior headed to my class. I can't give any stink eye, like Axl said!




I'd rather a slow driver than a tailgater (aww jeez, that must mean kermit's looking at me?!), although if we reverse the picture - maybe I'm kermit! 🤣

There's no rush, let's all enjoy the ride! 😊



Did it twice today!

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