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Ostomy Memories of Alibis


AN ALIBI AT LAW HAS A STRICTER meaning that the word in common usage.  In the criminal law, an alibi is an affirmative defense of having been somewhere else when a crime of which one stands accused was committed.  If a guy charged with a crime on a particular day can bring forth witnesses to testify that he was at a different place when the offense occurred, he should be acquitted.  In common speech, however, over the years, the word ALIBI has come to be more of a synonym for excuse, something utilized by a person unwilling to accept responsibility and explain away his failures.  Sometimes, perhaps depending upon the person involved, the word may carry a suggestion of improbability or even dishonesty or at least cunning unwillingness to be held accountable.  In the context of criminal cases, there is a related acronym that has grown up over time only slightly related to the defense of ALIBI.  It is the defense called SODDI, which stands for Some Other Dude Did It.  You will not find this term in any law books.  It is strictly a half-serious bit of jargon used by criminal court practitioners who have seen so many defendants claim SODDI as their inadequate response to an accusation.  For example, if you have not enjoyed reading this post, some other dude did it.  

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Regarding SODDI

Your  posts always remind me of distant memories.  Today’s post brought to mind this story.  At the time it brought great guffaws from family members - for any reader this may have lost something in the translation but for our family an occasional  MTWNM still causes great laughter !

M T W N M !!!   (A bit of potty humor)

A family favorite which stems from a story about our granddaughter at age 4.  At an airport layover she needed to use the restroom.  As she was sitting in one stall someone in the next stall let loose with all kinds of foul noises to which our granddaughter said in a very loud voice so her mom could hear her:

“THAT WAS NOT ME !”   Her embarrassed mom said nothing so, of course, she had to repeat it in an even louder shout adding MOM to make sure her mom knew!



Reply to Justbreathe

Oh my gosh too funny! Little kids are the greatest! They just say it like it is. 😅

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