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:-) Love my Bag lol


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Great outlook and nice for you to share.  I am guessing many people on this sight feel the same - me not so much as I did not have these problems before my emergency surgery so for now I just grin and bag it !🫤


That’s beautiful. That’s pretty much my routine, I feel the same way, easier than a regular butt-wiper,  and cleaner. Perhaps due to my diet, I have no issues ever carrying this thing, ever aware of it and I eat pretty much everything, try to stay healthy so not very much, does not stop me at anytime during the day in any way. It took a while to reach this place, however, of complete positivity in a way that one can feel natural and even grateful with it. It’s important for others to know that it is possible to live a very positive life with anything with a healthy happy self-image, even gratitude, ostomy and all included. And that it’s ok if it’s a struggle in the beginning, it’s a process that can take some time, different for all. But, there is a happy place waiting for us all at the end, sometimes takes work and time like everything else in life, like relationships :-)


Snap I love my cute stoma I like to think of it as a man perfect in every way just like me lol. 

I always laugh at posts in meme groups asking if you use your phone when you poop and some say no I never would thats disgusting lol I always proudly say Yes I do pmsl 


I love this!  I feel the same way, grateful for my little rosebud, which saved my life and has improved its quality to boot.  I didn't have IBD, but my chronic constipation made for constant discomfort and pain.  I'm now comfortable all the time, and I do love the multitasking aspect!  Who else can be having a poop while doing their shopping or running other errands, without ever having to visit a bathroom!  We rock!



I know how you feel. I had a ileostomy for over 17 year’s and ended up getting a hernia with it. Well In April of last year I got super sick because of everything. I finally got in with a Dr that helped me so much and in October of last year, I had a surgery where they took down my ileostomy and hernia and I gained a colostomy. I’ve been so happy ever since. Even my family and friends say I look better and happier. And I feel it. 

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