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IBD.... has a new meaning.... lol


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😮 I knew IBD was a beautiful thing. 🤭


Agree it would be a pleasure to watch her wiggle as she walks and having a spanking time too


What's next.........ostomy bags becoming a fashionable accessory?  Guess you could keep your change in one if you didn't need it for what we need it for!'re assuming it's a 'her'.  Can't do that these days.  I just saw a gal who was identifying as a cat.  Maybe INSIDE the asylum is the safest place to be these days.


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😂 I’m a bit, ok a lot rusty, but I’m pretty sure that’s all female. 


That is funny, and Jesus, never thought I'd see something so sexy in good ol' MAO, winds of change, for the better, and yes it is 100% female of very imperfect but beautiful species 😄

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Come on, there’s a whole lotta sexy on this site. Some are just shy about what they have. 

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I hear ya Mr Heart.....................but unless you've been to a drag queen book reading at your local library recently........don't be so sure!  Seems nothing is what it seems to be these days, and they like it that way!!



Hey! Nice to see them back together??

The cheeks of her arse??

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I make you right....  Last time i looked i was still female... lol..... My friends stuck that on my butt for a joke when i was raising money for IBD... 

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Its a female aright ... lol 


I'd take a hamburger with that shake. Boom.

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Glad to hear it obviously have a very nice ass!  And good friends!



My wife has a pair like that. Wait a minute that is my wife.

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You’re a very very lucky man. 

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