Illeostomy revision


Has anyone had a revision done on a illeostomy

ron in mich

Hi Rosebud yes i did a few years ago as my stoma was constricted from crohns causing scarring which gave me blockages, my stoma was moved from right to left side then.

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Yes I have as well.. a revision and a complete relocation


I had a revision in 2011 due to a fistula related problem close upon my stoma, which was moved from right side to left and has been fine ever since.


Me too ... be aware if your stoma is to be in the same location it will increase in diameter.

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Hey Axl ,

I have seen you had to be in the hospital a couple times .. how many revisions have you had to have ?


Hi Beth

Only one actual planned revision for a prolapse .... the others were part of the J pouch process and then going back to a stoma as the pouch was a disaster, and all in the same location.

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Yes God please don't ,just keep the pouch .I had tried to reverse,and I got pouchitis ,in the one that tried to create in my stomach.,Total disaster, thay ended up going back to surgery,taking all of my Colin,and left me with6 ft of Small intestine, constant re occuring absesses, to the tone of 15 total surgeries,caused chronic fistulas ECT, had to go in and have my anus re opened and,have a constant,forever open draining,hole wheir my prior ass hole was,not to mention the pain,when thay suggested,faster healing, with a vacuum debridement pump, thay might as well called it a ride to hell on a torture buss ,as that thing rips you're insides out down their and I'm a male.imagine it getting ripped off,every three days when thay change the packing.with fire ants stinging and eating you a new asshole please God don't have it done just live with the bag


My nickname is now ratbutt , cause it looks like a rat ate my butt cheek


Hi rosebud,

Yup.......I had a revision 6 days ago. They did scootch it over a bit toward my navel an up a small bit. Why do you heading down the revision path?


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Yes my gastro dr. Sending me to a surgeon cause stenosis. I have had a illeostomy for 42 years. I was wondering if the procedure was difficult, painful and long recovery ?



Are they moving your stoma or pulling it out more?


I had a revision about 9 years after my original surgery because my stoma was almost flush with my skin. The revision was to lift the stoma out about an inch. The skin around my stoma was really irritated and thank God the revision was the best decision I ever made concerning my stoma.


I had my stoma re-placed a year ago. I originally had an ileostomy in 2019. I kept having obstructions. It was so tiny and narrow that they couldn't even get a scope far enough in the stoma. I also had my right hip infected so there were two things to take care of. Removing all the crap in my hip and re-doing my stoma by cutting a few inches off my intestine to make it wider. When I woke up I was shocked. They had put the new ileostomy on the other side of my stomach. So now I have two belly buttons like my daughters say lol. I've been in remission after that surgery in may 2022 plus weekly Humira ever since. I have a chance to get a reversal surgery since they left my rectal stump but I don't think I'm there yet. I heard it's complicated and doesn't always work.

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There's a lot of variables from the amount of rectal stump left, reason for surgery in the first place, etc... I have an ileorectalanastamosis (easier for you to look up on Cleveland or Mayo's sites than for me to explain, John Hopkins has a good picture). FYI I'm never textbook, but my reversal itself has had very few complications aside from the the ileus not waking up after surgery for several days. If you have any personal questions feel free to message me or reach out on a mobile chat sometime. For me, I would've regretted not trying since it's a minority of us that have that option, and I can always go back to an ileostomy if I ever need to.

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