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Is there a app for this site ?

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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I’m pretty computer stupid but why would you need an app for this site?

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I was hoping app too. This site constantly logs me out when I try to respond to thread, changes paged or sometimes when I try to create a thread. I struggle with the website. But, I only use my phone so maybe it's an android issue.

Reply to Killshot_24523

Nope. I get issues too, I have an iPhone. 


I don’t know the answer but - - - I would think an app would attract looky-loos .  I’d like to think that all those on this web-site have something in common and share things that only an ostomate (or former ostimate) can appreciate.  Just my opinion…jb 


i’d love an app, but I don’t think one exists. 


Put your phone down and get a life. Use the computer and make it just for the ones that are genuine Ostomates, and not the bogle eyed phone watcher who look at their phone 24/7.

Please no app.


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Yeah, this should only be for 24/7 bogle eyed computer ostomates...😁



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Guess I’ll log off since I’m not a genuine ostomate. 👍 have a good one. 

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I just installed the app. Checked. Still have a stoma.


Alex... install the app... so far it is way less buggy than the website.

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