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Pickleball anyone?


Anyone out there play pickleball?

I started in May 2022 and can't get enough.  The weather in Pennsylvania has been pretty mild so far.  Come on spring time!!!!!!!!

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I would except for not regularly getting the ball over the net.


Never played. Used to play racquetball and handball all the time. 

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It is fun and everyone misses getting the ball over the net.  Super nice group of people we play with.  I highly suggest trying a game.

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If you played racquetball and handball you have the basics down.  I played tennis.  This game is a lot less running around a court for me.  I am sure there is a local spot to have a game or 2.  Once you try you will be hooked!!!!


I've played racquetball for over 30 years. I plan to start up again in a couple months. I have friends that play pickleball. I may give it a try, but damn, it looks so slow.

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Speed depends on age and skill level of the players. The young whipper snappers can produce a very fast game...while the "seniors" are at a slow steady pace.

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