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Super Bowl foods


Hey there everyone!

Super bowl is this Sunday. And for the first time in a while, I’ll be able to enjoy some of the foods. I do hope that others are able to enjoy the food and game this Sunday. Have a great week and weekend stay safe.

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I thought this would be a list of foods for the Super Bowl. 😁 

Chicken Wings



Brownies and ice cream


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What time should I be over?😉😋


I think the game is 5:30

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Did someone say road trip?

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I only watch CFL.

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You poor guy. 🤭

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Is there room for a third?! 🤪😅


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Of course!


The pressure is on me now. 😬😁


I think we decided on supreme nachos, homemade chicken wings (if we can find wings at the grocery store), and pinwheels. Who's everyone's pick to win?

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I think we’re going for the Eagles. But my daughter is rooting for the chiefs just cause she thinks mahomes is cute🙄

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My food list as follows 

buffalo wings 

bbq wings

garlic bread pizza 

7 layer dip


and regular dip

mini corn dogs rolled in like a pastry dough 

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Hopefully the Eagles win. 

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Chiefs 😃

My friend has been the doula-present at both of Butker’s children’s births. He signed a football for her family to use for an adoption fundraiser ❤️

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Super Bowl pick for me is the Eagles


While I'm a Kansas girl, my heart bleeds green and gold for my seems that now the Chiefs are a winning team, everyone and their brother is suddenly Chiefs fans, not much for the bandwagon myself so I think I'll root for the Eagles. 

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I found the super bowl 😂


Hubby made some awesome wings....franks buffalo, sweet baby Ray's honey bbq, and lemon pepper.....all these wing places can stick it with their insane prices lol

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Next time I’ll be down. I went to go get wings and it was a 2hr wait. I didn’t get my wings. 😩

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That doesn't surprise me, when my husband (Nick) and his mom went grocery shopping the day before they said the stores were crazy busy. He got two family packs of whole wings for around $13 a piece, and after breaking them down he got 56 wing sections total. Definitely a better route than ordering them from a restaurant 

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