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HAVE YOU EVER SEEN THOSE so-called human interest items on the Internet where they have photos comparing stars from prior movies to the way they look now (if they’re still alive, which sometimes they’re not)?  I avoid them like the plague.  Seeing how 89-year-old Kim Novak looks now, compared to how she looked when I was madly in love with her, makes me painfully sad.  Name any star from the films of the Fifties or Sixties, the Seventies or even the Eighties, and you just don’t want to see a picture of how terribly time has aged them.  “What a slut time is,” wrote John Green.  “She screws everybody.”  Who needs to be reminded that the true James Bond (Sean Connery) is dead?  Or John Wayne?  Or Paul Newman?  I remember, one year at the Academy Awards show, they wheeled out 100-year-old Kirk Douglas and I thought, the crucifixion of Spartacus was less painful than this.  I live in dread of the day I see the news of the demise of Clint Eastwood who is presently 92.  Of course, the way he’s going, I may predecease him, thus saving myself that small bit of disbelief.  Death solves lots of problems.  I want my last thought to be ‘gee, I never paid John back that 50 bucks.’  


I always look for the 'stars' that are my age and compare to see how I am doing at the 'aging' process. LOL They all look so much younger. &zwj

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That's because they probably have a bazillion dollars to spend on those face-fixing surgeons - whereas we must spend our dollars on belly-buts and paraphernalia to support them. I try to keep a good attitude (for good karma) but I fear I may come back in my next life as a dog - a Pug of course! ;jb

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I don't mind seeing ageing stars except for the ones that have tried (and failed) to "preserve" their youth and end up looking like they're melting and in recovery from a burns unit (that's a Martin Short quote). I thought actors needed to show expression on their faces, not look like a frozen totem pole (see below).

Do they not realise that they all end up looking the same, stretched faces, piggy eyes and huge lips, pickled and preserved and quite horrendous?And it's all ages too, all starting to resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein aka "the cat woman". I will never understand the "lip filler" that seems to be so popular, unless their role model is Janice from the Muppets perhaps?


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But just think how cute you will be JB!

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LOL, I kind of feel bad for Madonna. I wonder if she knew what she would end up looking like?

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Hey, what would be wrong with coming back as a dog? The dogs I know all live the life of Riley!

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I remember when Kirk Douglas came on stage at the Oscars following his stroke. Rather than being offput by his appearance, I was filled with admiration for "The Ragman's Son."

Obviously, YMMV. :-)

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And it's not just the girls looking kinda strange either, LOL!

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