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Yall are baby's in this ostomy world 56 years wearing a ostomy


Ostomy save lifes

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Wow, you are a role model for many others!


You DA man. 👍


Ain't that the truth!

and at least now none of us have to sh*t our pants anymore hey! 


That is the best part no more pooping in your pants!!! 

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Jo, that second one of the girl really looked odd when I first glanced at it. 😮🤭

Reply to AlexT

OMG, thanks for pointing that out, you're totally right! 😂 


A salute to you, Big ben. Well done.


Saved my life for sure. 🥳

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Too funny J😁


Yes it does. It sure saved mine

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I just thought the same thing!


True I would of been dead over 30 years ago without mine. I have long way to go to catch up with your experience just going into to my 35th year 


WOW That beats my record hands down.  I am sure things have changed in 56 years. Hopefully for the better!!!!!!!  


Way to go BB!  Here's to another 56!  



well i am 77 next month and had my stoma for 4 years so i certainly hope i can do 56 years but i am not that confident!


G-Day Ben, What were the first Bags like all them years ago.?


48 years for me. Technology has definitely improved over the years. As a young child there were many challenges and no help. At one point I could not wear a bag and had a special hospital bed made, for me to lie on my stomach and a removable pan hooked on the bed under me to catch what was expelled. Then came the phase of pretty white bags with yellow flowers. Surgery moving the stoma over slightly to get the bag to stick properly. I can’t have my life over, however, love reading about the new advances that make such a difficult surgery a little easier with a lot of support. Having a bag whether one day or 60 years, be grateful you still get to wake up each day.

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