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Finally realizing that I can resume activities


For over 17 year’s I had a ileostomy that over time I developed a parastomal hernia that in turn caused me not to enjoy the finer things in life. After all that time I changed to a colostomy and had my hernia taken care of. Yesterday March 4th I did something that I would never have done with my ileostomy. I went to our local air force museum and they had a c-130 that you could step on and see inside. And then they had stairs to the cockpit and they let you climb up them to look. I did that with no hesitation and it felt great. Just wanted to share a few pics of my day.

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Today I changed the oil in my wife's car. First since the surgery about 3 months ago. I found getting down on the ground and back up is more difficult than it used to be, but it's doable.


It is nice to hear you are feeling well enough to start enjoying life again.  It is such a great feeling of accomplishment and normalcy to be able to do things you once used to do!  It’s awesome to be able to try new things and feel confident about it!  Great job and great pictures!

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It’s only difficult cause now you’re old and retired. 😁 Sorry, had to repay some of your it’s the first Saturday of the week comments to us working folks. 


It's the best feeling isn't it when you get to do regular stuff.  I remember the first time I drove my car after surgery, it was just like after I got my licence at 18, just wanted to press the pedal to the metal and keep driving! 😎


Aren't you scared going around bends on the wrong side...😁


Alex, can't respond to posts. Yeah, getting old does have its drawbacks. But, I can pay someone to change my oil while you're at work.. 😁


Hi all i,ve had my ilieo. for 30 some years and once everything was healed i didnt let my ostomy hold me back whether it was working or enjoying all the other stuff i liked to do, 4 wheeling, fishing, deer hunting, cutting and splitting wood for winter, you just have to know your limits.


Ron... how long til you felt you were healed? I'm at 3 months tomorrow.  I'm antsy to get back to stuff. I still don't lift much weight, but way more than tge gallon a milk to start. I want to swing a golf club, I want to play racquetball,  I want to do shit I used to do, bad.

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Take the golf clubs out and just go thru slow easy swings and work your way up. Go to a court and simply hit the ball around nice and easy to get your body moving again. You don’t have to go 100% to enjoy stuff. Easing your way back into things will be way better on your body than just thinking your healed and go full into it and then have an issue. 

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I'm on the right side of the car! 🤪

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Hi Killshot i went back to work part time after 8wk but like Alex said i eased into doing things as i was pretty runned down from UC so i probably wasnt back to normal for a good 3-4 months.

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