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Recurrent oral thrush Help please


I am constantly getting oral thrush which is making me feel very anxious and poorly Any ideas please 

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I have had that once I think..  Tongue gets all white and bumpy.. enlarges a bit. I saw an ENT..  she gave me these tablets... and they knocked it out.  I forgot  what the tablets were called though. it was about 4 yrs ago..

Have you seen an ENT? -    Warrior.


You need a prescription med for that. In the meantime eat some yogurt with live culture….you need the good bacteria to combat  the thrush.


Hi Marie,

  Thrush is the result of an overgrowth of a yeast fungus called Candida, referred to as candidiasis. It's the same one that causes vaginal yeast infections.  When you get it in your mouth it's an indication that there's an imbalance between good fungus and bad fungus in your gut.  You can never fully get rid of Candida, but it's normally held in check by your good gut bacteria.  So if you have thrush you can treat it with meds, probably an antifungal like Nystatin, but you really should find out why it's there in the first place.  The meds will reduce it, but it will come right back when you stop the meds if you don't find and fix the underlying problem.  It's also contagious, so don't be french kissing guys anytime soon.  


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Bob is absolutely spot on !  I have gotten it after taking antibiotics. My son owns a nutrition store and has nutrition degrees. He suggests taking good quality probiotics that you get at a health food store,  not Walgreens particularly. He also suggests staying away from sugar in particular. That includes fruits and fruit juices. It is an overgrowth of candida as Bob said. Nystatin works very well and can help you beat this. It’s possible you’re on a medication that is causing the overproduction of yeast. Ask your doctor. Find out what you are doing that is causing it. My guess is too much sugar, too much stress, possible antibiotics, too little sleep, etc. Diflucan also helps.   Good luck. Thrush sucks!     Jeanne


Have you been tested for diabetes? Thrush is one of many symptoms that can indicate diabetes. XX 

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Get a new toothbrush as soon as treatment is finished to help prevent reinfection!

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In the UK you can get 150mg Fluconazole tablets that are great for clearing thrush over the counter (no prescription needed) from the pharmacy. They are used for vaginal and oral thrush and usually a single dose works, or you take a second dose 72 hours later. 

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