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Wondering if there have been any thoughts about this group having say a special gathering for example a cruise? We could actually meet eachother in person to share life experiences and get to know eachother on a different  level. Should be able to find a cruise line /travel agency for discount rates. I don't know, just crossed my mind

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I think I heard of this once but do not recall who with or where. Maybe west cost with Carnival. I sent Carnival a message. I will get back to you. They said they have not.


Never been on a cruise. 🤔 going by myself would be kinda awkward. 😬

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I went to Greece and Italy on a 12 day cruise a few years ago alone... I had so much fun.. if you haven't traveled alone... try it.. you are with yourself and you take yourself everywhere you go .. so never lonely.. it's quite freeing... do what you want or not , when you want to... complete freedom to really get to know your self better... it was a little weird the first time I traveled solo but in a day or two I got over it and have so much fun. When you travel you surrounded by all kinds of people... I do recommend it... 😁😊🤭🤗 Or not?


Cruises are fun... 


Was in the process of putting a cruise together with my local ostomy group with a fabulous response then Covid hit.   Even had an ostomy nurse going - 🍷🍷


The UOAA conference in Houston is another avenue for connecting with other ostomates. I am not able to go, but putting it out there for others. I believe it is in August.


Actually I love the idea but the airfare getting to whatever part of the country is the departure tends to be costly.  When I lived in Southern California there were a lot of very low price cruises to Mexico and South America what happened was that they needed to fill up the boat because it goes and costs them the same regardless of how many people are on board.  My aunt organized a family reunion on one.

However I now live in Texas and it would be expensive to fly back to California to get on the ship.  Cruise prices are not bad it's just a matter of affording to get to where the cruise departs.  

I've been told in this area that Caribbean cruises are the discount crews for this part of the country.


This would be great!! Geocaching did a cruise to Alaska and Hawaii and it was a great success. Sadly however, most if not all cruise lines require the Covid shot and I refuse to take it. I guess that takes me out of the "cruise vacations."  I have had Covid 4 times and the only one that was even a concern was the first time. The other three were nothing more than a slight cold. Now, due to fighting two Autoimmune Disorders, my doctor has advised me to avoid the Flu, Covid and Shingles vaccinations at all cost.  I'll just hang out here in the US.  There are many places I can go that I haven't visited yet.


I have done many cruise since my surgery and would love to be on a group cruise with others. 

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It usually cost more as a single but I chose to do this usually once a year..  Going Solo gives you the chance to do whatever you want and whenever and not have to always worry about others.  If there is enough singles they can help out matching people as cabin mates too.  Not the cruise line the group or TA


Sounds like fun!! I live in San Pedro,  CA and we have Royal Caribbean, Princess and Carnival leaving almost every day for 3 to 7 day cruises. 


I'm in!

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Thank you


I love cruising, and sounds like a lot of fun cruising with other ostemates. I’m game! 
Best, Arlen

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I'm going on cruise in a month. I know on NCL, non vaccinated people need a test 48 hours prior to sailing is all.

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There’s a ton that go out from the West Palm

beach area

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