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FINALLY Feeling No Pain!


Hello everyone!!

Even though my pain, which I am about to speak of, doesn't stem from my ostomy or Crohn's, I feel I must share with you how I have finally found relief.

I have suffered from lower back and neck pain from a car accident in 2003 since it happened. Living with the pain from Crohn's and this pain has not been fun at all. There are days I really wish someone would just kill me. I have been on Percocet for the past 7 years in order to try to relieve the pain from all my ailments but have lately been taking up to 8 a day and I really don't want to know what they have done to my insides, most likely slowly eating away at my stomach lining because I haven't suffered enough apparently.

I went to my doctor last week and told him SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! I can't take it anymore. I can live with this pain. On paper, I must look like a junkie. I told him I did not want the time-released pills. I want to be in control of my medication, not it be in control of me. I wouldn't want to be driving down the highway one day and suddenly the second dose kicks in and I get a reaction or something, no thanks, I drive with kids in my car.

So he suggested the pain patch Bu Trans. Many of you have probably already heard of this, but it was and is still new to me. He has started me on the lowest dose of 5mg per patch, and it's a 7-day patch. After 7 days, I put a new one on. I do still have a few Perks to take for breakthrough pain; however, I have only had to take 4 in the last 2 days!

This patch is an amazing invention! I don't feel "buzzed" or "high" like you would on pain medication like Morphine or Demerol, and my pain is GONE! Well, until night, that's when I need a couple of pills to go to bed with, but I can sit at my desk at work and not fidget in discomfort. I don't have to bend into a ball to stretch my back.

Alas, this is only day 3 of wearing the patch, and I do suspect as I get closer to the 7th day, I will be needing something to take the aches away, but I have to tell you, this feeling is amazing! It has been so long since I have felt this good, and just in time for Christmas! Don't worry about wondering what to get me for Christmas; I got the best gift I could have ever hoped for.

I just wanted to share this information with you because maybe someone else is suffering the way I was and also feels they are at the end of their rope. Something to look into anyway.

Cheers all and Best wishes to everyone for the holidays, my wish has already come true!

Be well and feel good.


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budd002, I am so happy for you to have found relief from your pain. I cannot imagine taking meds for 7-8 years to try to control it. Please post again in several months to update on any side effects. How great for you and at this time of year. It is nice to see an upbeat post when so many on the site have so many issues that are not being addressed.  Have a great holiday and I wish you continued progress.
So far the only side effect that I have noticed is I'm itchy all over. No hives or noticeable hives or anything like that but being on the Percocet also had that side effect but it didn't bother me much, mostly my legs were itchy, now it seems to be my back and arms. I can live with that. Nothing a ruler down the back can't fix. Maybe I'll just have to add "back scratcher" to my Christmas list lol!
Hey bud i hear you loud and clear i have had crohn's now 20 years 8 operations pain bloody pain and yes i crashed my new car last year i am using 1000mg of TRAMADOL kinda morphine ish i know i have an addiction aswel not dumb but i read your post i have bad lower back pain from the last op 2008 been on pain serious stuff since then i am from australia havnt heard about these patches but we also have different names here . and i got a new drug as well CALLED LYRICA i did ask on here if anyone was having side effects some bad some good the problem is here its $73 and i had to leave my job in 2000 at 33 have done bits here and there i did work for 11 years all with crohn;s soooooo hard am living off my retirment money but i havnt retired i am 43 2 3 days i volunteer at our ASSOCIATION HERE IN MELBOURNE we do get reimbursed at the end of the month ..but i am trying to live off DR shopping for these samples really makes me sick to fall to that level but my doctor knows so i have paid for couple of scripts but trying hard not to have enough its for nerve pain and it helps sum side effect though tired but i am still on the tramal  can u tell me more about these patches ..cheers mare mooza p.s got some bloody obstruction trying not to go to hospital but i think i have to give in ........
Here is a link to some information regarding the Bu Trans Pain Patch.
that was fast lol its 3am in australia i will cjeck it out but anm waiting to go to hospital just counting down the time mann i dont want 2 go ..oh thanks for the link
Wonderful! What a lovely Christmas gift you've received, wouldn't you say?

Hi Budd - I have been using something similar for the last 3 years... Mine is called Fentanyl/Durogesic and is a patch that is changed every 3 days. I didn't realise how good it was until last summer when the patches just would not stick to me - I was given Morphine Sulphate as a replacement, but the breakthrough back pain was horrible, so I was very grateful when the weather cooled and I could go back on them! So pleased it has made such a remarkable difference - living with chronic pain is not easy .... I know!
Rach xxx
I found another site that REALLY gives you all the information on Bu Trans...

In January I had an injury to my back, which, on having an X-ray also showed up the bones in my spine are crumbling away, osteoporosis, and was put on medication and daily calcium tablets, it has taken up to this month for the pain to become bearable, but by the evening it has  "got me" again.
I have always taken vitamin supplements because food never stays in me long enough for it to do much good, but, as I like cheese, yoghurts, milk, icecream, etc. I thought my calcium levels were ok.
Before any surgery for u.c., X-rays again showed up my intestines to resemble a water chute, all those little hair - like structures ,which extract goodness from food gone forever.
It must have been 43 years of malnourishment which brought on the bone trouble, something I will have to live with, as well as everything else for the rest of my life.
So, I would say to you good people out there,- be aware of the side effects of having long term bowel problems, and do something about it before it gets too late.
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