Overcoming Setbacks: Exploring Quality of Life After Surgeries and Injuries

Well, getting back can be tough. Most injuries or surgeries may be reminded of, but don't live every day. I can have MCL knee surgery, and my knee can be 100%, only a scar. One can break a clavicle (collar bone), and have it healed. Maybe that's why people have a tough time moving on. In a poll, only 77% of people said they had good quality of life. To me, that's staggering. That means by their own admission, 23% of people facing J pouch surgery, connective surgery, and other G.I surgeries are not doing well. I think this gets overshadowed way too much. Notice I used the term quality of life! Focus on that.....Where is yours at? Really on a scale, no not a weight scale (will get into that later). There is a difference between success rate and quality of life. Success is a surgery or medical procedure that went well. However, for the 23%, and probably more.....you may have been a "success", but yet QOL is down. It can be you're facing a downward spiral in your life, mentally, emotionally, or physically. Or maybe you're down about dating..... IDK, just food for thought.

Well...my blog, simply put..I will try to be logging (probably not all the time) efforts in getting back.

I will be logging calorie counts on occasion. Progress, and tips that may help. Look, I know I might sound spunky, but we have probably all been to that deep dark place. Sometimes it might come and go. Maybe our own insecurities get in the way. Hey look, that's okay...it happens.

- It may not be all lifting, calorie counts, tips, and getting back. I will also talk about anxiety and who knows, maybe the upcoming NFL draft. haha. Just chill and relax.

Brief Injuries:

3 concussions (on record).

Hairline fracture to skull.....boys will be boys!

10 fractures. - Ankles, clavicle.....

Dislocated shoulder, dislocated bicep tendon (played a whole BB season with that bad boy ....can someone say Chiropractor)

- AB surgery.


* I will be editing some of this and the blog, right now just fired it up to get it started.

Well, I feel like a drunken idiot...minus the drunk. Behind all this, lies scars. I can get numbers and talk to people quite easily, but I stop it there. Almost like a gag reflex, I harness it all. Just when I feel human, I then realize what I am not...what I was. I guess that's what a part of getting back is. However, at this hour, that's how I feel. I really can't manage to really glare in the mirror, although the image back has to be good to get others' numbers (not my main goal).

As for goals: I gained 4 lbs. Doing exercises that affect the CNS, while allowing maximal recovery. However, overall it was 2 lbs after taking other factors into consideration.

Mood: Eh, well it's really late and I have a lot of studying to do. I feel like I failed myself. So I have the heart, lymphatic system, blood antigens and donors, etc. to study. Looks like hours of studying is needed tomorrow. However, I did meet up with an old friend.

Tip: Egg protein powder and alcohol do not mix, lol.

Well, lunges and deadlifts, you can feel them. It really hit my glutes and hamstrings a little. I am still sore, yes, my butt is sore. I remember being able to do a lot more though and when things used to be easier. 6 days a week in the gym. Then it kinda takes me down another road as far as dating goes.

I remember being bigger, stronger, things came more naturally. I always pushed myself to the next level. I was never big enough, even as I grew bigger. I never thought I was smart enough or was content with myself with grades. I would always push myself to do better. I would never try to push this on my relationships...although I knew they felt it. I look back and think, did I screw up? I could have been married twice, even at my age. Two long relationships. You can tell in relationships, there would be a small pressure, one of the long relationships one crash dieted, I don't know if it was because of my strive....but it would happen. I know they felt it. However, now, did I screw up in some way? As things are different, but things used to be easier, even as far as dating. Now I am not what I was...and you can't help but wonder if some small part of me screwed it up by not settling.

- Well, I do have to study for a test. So that is it. The glutes really got hit, the combo of the two really hit it, was hard to sit down.

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Well, two things happened this week, I will blame Cinco de Mayo. One, the Cowboys drafted mediocre. I like their first pick. The rest, not so sure. Secondly, looks like I got a B in Biological Structure and Function (AP 1 and AP 2). Which sucks... The teacher was supposed to curve and didn't. Looks like a 3.0 for the semester might be in store for me, not what I wanted. A big drop off. I think I screwed myself in that class... reason? He wanted me to privately email, and I started talking some more... then he recanted on the email and said we talked, no need to email. Well, from former people that took it, I heard when he asks you to private email, he boosts your grade favoring you.

Knowing me, I probably said something to screw it up... lol. Maybe me saying that I may not do nursing being 8 classes away after my science degree might have done it (by all means, this class is primarily a big nursing class and pre-med). Oops. There goes a chance at a 3.25... which is still a drop off at that.

Well, I guess when I started this blog, it was about getting back. Getting back what, per se? Swagger? Anyway, thought I'd update a little. I graduated with my degree in Science. And yes, I'm still in school, going back. Finding a definite occupation certainly has changed from before surgery. I remember being a young gun wanting a BSN then anesthesia. However, the cards didn't play out. However, it's not the cards that you're dealt, it's working on how to play them. It's not easy, and at times... I've just held my head in my hands and the only thing that comes up to my face is the chain around my neck when my head is down. Some might call me an overachiever, while others might say I delay. I know myself, and that's important. The ability to smile in the face of agony while crying inside is a virtue at times. However, the ability to stand is what makes progression that much sweeter. Dcrazy- aka Rick Bitty.

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Okay, well I think I burned myself out this summer in anticipation to graduate. I took 4 summer classes. Then went right back into school. I am burning out quicker than a cheap light bulb that's been left on for awhile. Right now, the biggest thing academically is choosing the right profession....let me recant, specialization. The thing is a lot I was passionate about has now been torn through my hands. So I find myself mid-twenties feeling like 18. However, it seems to be more of what can I do, than what do I want to do....... So if you are feeling any of that, you're not alone. Far as mass, it has put some on especially in the last 6 months. Don't believe all the hype about 1g per body weight for protein. That will override your organs, especially now. Also, your kidneys are very delicate and complex organs. They have over 1 trillion nephrons, etc. Yeah, just study a kidney and trust me, you will really realize what the body is somewhat about. All that aside, eat 3-500 cals more per day than needed. Also, consider the injury factor. The injury factor is a measurement of how many additional calories are needed. However, I don't really count calories. If you eat good meals, the protein and cals will come, putting you in an anabolic state. Certain foods will put you in a catabolic state. To know the difference between catabolic and anabolic...hmmm....would be like taking a steroid of corticoids versus anabolic steroids. Catabolic breaks down. Many bodybuilders before competition and models (especially women) take anabolics while on a diet. This maintains muscle mass, while trimming fat. They trim fat through their diet. So in short, you can read all the muscle mags....but eat healthy, well try to at least, and the cals will come probably.

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