I'm a 'companion animal'.

Whilst I was born a human mammal.<br />
It&rsquo;s not what I aspire to be.<br />
I think the term &lsquo;companion-animal&rsquo;<br />
More fittingly ascribes to me.<br />
<br />
For when I look around this world.<br />
And see what humans do.<br />
I see their nasty ways unfurled.<br />
It makes me want to spew.<br><br>

Contrast those devious human traits.<br />
With those of my pet dog.<br />
It&rsquo;s then you might appreciate.<br />
My &lsquo;companion-monologue&rsquo;.<br><br>

My pet is always &lsquo;there&rsquo; for me.<br />
In every kind of sense.<br />
It helps me think and helps me &lsquo;be&rsquo;.<br />
And there is no pretence.<br><br>

My pet is quite consistent.<br />
Honest and sincere.<br />
It&rsquo;s genuine and persistent.<br />
And likes to cuddle near.<br><br>

It listens with much empathy.<br />
And non-judgemental ear.<br />
No hint of man&rsquo;s psychopathy.<br />
It&rsquo;s not a profiteer.<br><br>

It helps me do things for myself.<br />
With positive regard.<br />
I could not feel left on the shelf.<br />
With pets as communard.<br><br>

My pet appears to show respect.<br />
For feelings and for needs.<br />
Yet nothing in return expects.<br />
For all its wondrous deeds.<br><br>

So I look upon my pet.<br />
And wish to be the same.<br />
I wish to use pet-etiquette.<br />
And that would be my aim.<br><br>

Pets form a good relationship.<br />
That is the best I know.<br />
Kindness and companionship.<br />
That humans need to grow.<br><br>

B. Withers 2011<br><br>
Browneyedgirl: I have not forgotten that in your previous posts you were interested in my life. Here is a verse adapted from my 'Aims for Today'. Best wishes Bill

Beautiful and as true as can be. My dog (photo on my profile page) kept me going when I lost my husband, and these days he's often the only person with whom I communicate on any given day. Love reading your verses.

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